Ghostface is attempting to break franchise records this weekend.

Ghostface It may have been around since the 1990s, but it still knows what it takes to excite modern audiences, if the weekend global box office is anything to go by. The latest in the horror franchise, Scream VI — released by Paramount and Spyglass Media — looks to be headed for a $50 million worldwide opening weekend from about 50 overseas territories, including domestically. That would have been good enough for last year’s franchise record Screamit was the fifth installment in the franchise.

It is the first film in the franchise not directed by the deceased Wes Craven, managed by Radio silent – duet Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, they are coming back for a sequel after their great success. It opened to $48 million worldwide, with a domestic gross of $30 million. The highest domestic opening weekend for the franchise came Scream 3 In 2000, its opening weekend was $34.7 million.


For comparison, Scream VI It is expected to enter anywhere north of that figure and could reach $40 million domestically from its opening weekend, reaching 3,670 theaters. The film looks at the survivors of last year Scream per head New York City – a first for the series – only to be terrorized by the newer, more violent, ruthless and brutal Ghostface killer.

Image via Paramount

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The star-studded film is expected to have a measly amount of power Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera, it is necessary to comply with departure of the original star Neve CampbellSince 1996, she has been the “final girl” of the series. Ortega is currently on a hot streak after her (and viral) role in the Netflix series. wednesdayfor Tim Burtonand she already has a significant following from her appearances on other Netflix series, You.

“65” opens this weekend against “Scream VI.”

Opposite Scream VI Owned by Sony 65a family-friendly prehistoric sci-fi adventure as its star Adam is the driver recorded When asked why he liked the film, which opened in 3350 theaters. The film sees Drive’s protagonist as an astronaut lands his spaceship on a dinosaur-inhabited planet and encounters a young girl who has to fend for himself with him.

Scream VI waits for him to abdicate Creed IIIthe latest Rocky/Creed franchises – and the first without a star Sylvester Stallone as a screen saver Michael B. Jordan steps behind the camera – opened last weekend to a strong franchise-record $58.6 million, also the highest debut for a sports film. The film is expected to bring in another $28 million this weekend, which now stands at $62.6 million.

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