The The Writers Guild of America went on strike is in full swing and the action has shaken a number of projects in the industry. The Motion Picture and Television Producers Guild has been unable to offer the union a satisfactory settlement on fair wages, among other issues. The union’s move received support across the industry Saturday Night Live decided to go dark as a sign of solidarity, now the cast of the Apple TV+ original series Shmigadoon! joined the demonstration in support of the union.

In a video posted on Twitter by the co-creator, Cinco Paulthe Shmigadoon! actors are seen supporting the WGA strike and writers. Actors say “Pay the writers. Pay the writers. You can’t win because these people are fighters. Say no to greed. Give them what they need and pay the writers.” can be seen singing. At the end a wonderful song was sung, Titus Burgess Who was the narrator’s best piece of music seemed surprised that the union’s demands had not been met.


There are a number of important points WGA in the struggle for a better deal. Some of these metrics include pay equity for comedy/variety writers in terms of streaming, Protection against AI used to reduce or replace writer’s work, maintain writers’ rooms, and protect against free work. As seen in Burgess’ body and facial reactions Shmigadoon!‘s solidarity video, the association’s requests are not in vain. While writers struggle with basic calculations like rent, in an industry where high-profile CEOs make hundreds of millions a year, the pay structure needs to be evaluated to reflect fairness.

Tituss Burgess as Schmigago Narrator in Season 2 of Schmigadoon!
Image via Apple TV+

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The team behind Shmigadoon!

Ken Daurio Co-creates the show with Paul, which premiered worldwide on Apple TV+ on April 5 and runs through May 3. Our favorite backpacking pair is Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) and Melissa (Cecily Strong) musicals from the 1960s and 70s have been recreated and magically re-entered the exquisite musical world called Shmigako. The musical is back for a second season Ariana DeBose, Martin Short, Cameron the Pigeon, Jaime Camil, Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Cummings, Ann Harada, Jane Krakowskiand Aaron Tveit. The new season also welcomed new faces, including Burgess such as (Indestructible Kimmy Schmidt) and Patrick Page (The Gilded Age). Among the show’s executive producers SNL boss Lorne Michaelsand Andrew Singer Who repeats Broadway Video Micah Frank serves as co-executive producer. You can also check it out How the WGA strike will affect you also.

Watch the video Shmigadoon!solidarity video below: