All of us in the studio have been big sci-fi fans since we were kids, and some of us are in our forties now, which means we’ve been doing sci-fi for decades.

Many things have changed since some of these classic tales were first told; but the underlying themes seem to remain as thought-provoking, and the stories seem as relevant today as they were then, even if they have missed certain details. For example, the Xbox console is probably several orders of magnitude more powerful than the mainframe of the original Enterprise, judging by the response time to Mr. Spock’s queries.

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We’ve incorporated this love of sci-fi into our game – Scars above3rd person action adventure for one player. Scars combines the thrill of overcoming challenges with an engaging sci-fi story. In fact, the challenge itself is woven into the narrative, as are the core mechanics of the game. In a mysterious alien world, you play as a stranded astronaut who must use all available resources to survive. From crafting and using rudimentary weapons and gadgets to exploiting the weaknesses of enemy fauna and flora and the opportunities that open up in the environment, the approach to combat is not only a design decision, but also a story.

When writing Scars above, we wanted to convey the feeling of vintage science fiction; in part because of our love for these stories, but also because of their enduring relevance, excitement, and imagination building that stands the test of time. Of course, we gave our story a modern twist and hopefully managed to sneak in a few surprises here and there.

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Until Scars draws inspiration from many sources – too many to mention here – several genre-defining works stuck in my mind when I was creating the game’s original concept: the ethical dilemmas of science and the dangers of uncontrolled technological progress in Asimov’s Foundation; the mission-oriented artificial intelligence devoid of ethical constraints from Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey; and, not surprisingly, the quirkiness and unexpectedness found down the rabbit hole in Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland left its mark on Kate’s journey to the mysterious extrasolar planet.

When it comes to cult classics on screen, comparisons to Alien are of course obvious; from the ingenuity of Ellen Ripley to the biological horror of the Xenomorph. A less obvious inspiration can be found in a film before my time (I remember watching it on TCM as a kid, even then it was an “old classic”) – 1956’s Forbidden Planet. It was the first set of a science fiction film. on a completely different planet, far from Earth. It also featured one of the first AI characters with their own personality.

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Finally, the idea that the main characters are explorers and scientists rather than soldiers and warriors comes from Star Trek, a constant source of inspiration for our entire studio. Actually, here’s some trivia for you: Kate was named after actress Kate Mulgrew – Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager.

Good science fiction is timeless, and we hope that we managed to convey some of its essence in the story Scars above, giving it a bit of that rugged quality. Of course, this is a modern story in a modern story-based action game that follows modern trends in both gameplay and narrative. Our plan has always been to have an interaction between the story and the game mechanics. For example, a method Scars the challenge reflects the scale between Kate and the terrifying biological monsters she has to face. Rather than combat training, Kate’s engineering and scientific skills translate into gadgets and weapons that players must rely on as part of the game’s tactical combat.

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When she’s not fighting, Kate solves the planet’s mystery and uncovers history through research and science, which is also depicted through gameplay. We made the gameplay mechanics part of the story (even the “rebirth” mechanic is a narrative element), and we used that story to guide the design of the mechanics. It’s a modern story told with modern gameplay inspired by science fiction classics and timeless themes of human curiosity, exploration and science; and alien planets filled with scary monsters, of course.

We can’t wait for you to beat the odds using knowledge, experimentation, tactical thinking and sharp shooting skills as you try to stay calm and accurate in moments of intense terror. Scars above is released today, February 28thousand for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Scars Above is a challenging sci-fi action-adventure third-person shooter that combines the thrill of overcoming challenges with an engaging and intricate story set in a mysterious alien world to explore. Some things were not supposed to be discovered… A colossal and mysterious alien structure appears in Earth’s orbit and stuns the whole world; humanity calls it “Metahedron”. A Sentient Contact Assessment and Response (SCAR) team of scientists and engineers is dispatched to investigate. Things don’t go as planned and the Metahedron transports the team through space to a mysterious extrasolar planet. Playing the role of Dr. Kate Ward, a SCAR member who wakes up dazed, alone in an unfamiliar, hostile environment. Determined to survive, you set out to find your team and unravel the mystery of what happened. SURVIVE AGAINST ALL: Kate is an astronaut and scientist, not a soldier, but she’s resourceful and determined to do whatever it takes to survive. Using a combination of ranged weapons, devices, consumables and melee attacks, you need to manage your stamina as you run, dodge, exploit weaknesses and discover effective tactics to defeat your enemies. Combine different elemental attacks to beat the odds and break through impassable obstacles. Craft various items and gadgets to help you against the countless threats on this exoplanet. EXPLORE A MYSTERIOUS EXO PLANET: Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted adventure inspired by the sci-fi classic. Explore an alien world filled with countless threats, gorgeous scenery, and ruins that hint at an ancient, yet advanced, civilization that somehow disappeared. Travel through different biomes such as swamps, frozen wastes, underground caves and alien objects – all with their own set of challenges, enemies, secrets and environmental hazards. GO ON A JOURNEY OF EXPLORATION: Kate is a scientist to the core, and you’ll use that scientific background to glean information from your surroundings by scanning artifacts, materials, and creatures to learn about their quirks, properties, and flaws. As you explore the environment, you analyze and gain knowledge that will allow you to create new gadgets, weapons, and unlock abilities in the xenobiology and engineering trees. SCARY BOSS BATTLES: Creepy enemy designs – with a variety of strategies and tactics – will keep encounters fresh, forcing you to find creative ways to defeat them. Scars over experience:

Immerse yourself in a thrilling sci-fi adventure inspired by the classics of the genreExplore a mysterious and confusing world of aliens – with many secrets to uncoverFight tactically using a combination of elemental attacks, gadgets and items, exploit the environment and enemy weaknessesFight exciting and challenging enemies and bosses , from huge rock-covered monsters to nightmarish creatures lurking in the darkGain knowledge and new skills (* )Scan enemies to learn their weaknesses and behaviorsUse your scientific skills to conduct research and extrapolate information. Mature Content Description: The developers describe the content as follows: violence, images of mutated human bodies, images of dead and mutilated aliens.