Vertical Entertainment released the first trailer simulator, a sci-fi thriller that explores the dangers of artificial intelligence in a world where intelligent robots roam free. The April Mullen-directed film is scheduled to release soon both on demand and in theaters and stars Jordana Brewster and Sam Worthington.

As the film concludes, simulator, which was photographed under the working name Hello Stranger, follows Faye (Brewster), a widow seeking solace after losing her husband Evan.Robbie Amell) using an android simulator or sim created in his image. Although almost identical to her husband, Faye can’t bring herself to love the android as she loves her husband, leaving SIM Evan’s love unrequited. Determined to win his heart, SIM Evan’s extraordinary ability to think and feel prompts a search led by Kessler (Worthington), a government agent who oversees the capture of sentient and potentially dangerous SIMs. There will be a movie also in the lead role Simu Liu and Alicia Sanz, the first played the role of a programmer named Casey.

The trailer shows the AI ​​going through various “presets” that can be used. Things move quickly when Faye gets her first glimpse of her robotic husband, though it seems the artificial intelligence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As the movement gains momentum, the voicemail notes, “skeptics continue to express concern about simulation integration into society.” It turns out that the use of AI is used to hide some dark secrets about the world of robotics, with Casey even ominously saying, “There’s a lot of bad coding. What I want to do is remove those limitations.” The main part of the trailer heats up to showcase futuristic weapons and a bloody drone chase, before the trailer ends with simply: “Love will prevail.”

Image via vertical

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Directed by Mullen Simulator deleting the script from Ryan Christopher Churchill. The film will be produced Tim Doiron and James van der Woerd WANGO movies. Executive Producers included Peter Bevan, Chris Lee, Kirk D’Amico Countless pictures, David Gendron and Ali Jazayeri TPC and Peter Jarowi, Rich Goldberg, and Mitch Budin Vertical. Christine Harris serves as associate producer.

Brewster does can be seen later Quick X, the long-awaited tenth installment of Fast and furious franchise. Worthington recently made waves starring in the box office juggernaut Avatar: The Waterway, and is slated to appear in the next few films as well Avatar series. Liu burst onto the world stage with the lead role in Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and seen side by side Margot Robbie inside Warner Bros.’ upcoming movie Barbie.

Manages vertical distribution rights Simulator The film will be distributed internationally by Myriad, following early bird offers in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. Vertical releases the film May 5, 2023 as a DIRECTV On Demand exclusive, followed by a theatrical and home video release on June 2, 2023. Simulator can be seen below: