Director Sam Raimi reveals it’s his all-time favorite, and it’s surprising that it’s not part of his Evil Dead franchise.

Despite being a terrible vet, Sam Raimi reveals that it is his favorite movie Simple plan rather than Evil is dead franchise. Raimi began his career with recent films about a group of college friends who find themselves attacked by demonic forces in a cabin in the woods. The intervening years have seen him venture into various other genres, particularly the superhero world. DarkmanDirected by Tobey Maguire Spiderman trilogy and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Doctor Strange is a universe full of madness.


in honor of the upcoming release of 65he was a producer Sam Raimi merged with Sony For “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit.

As seen above, when one fan asked the director which films he considered his personal favorites, Raimi did not point to any of his favorite films. Evil Dead franchise, but also a 1998 crime thriller Simple plan. The director explained that his love for the film mainly depends on the performances of the central actors of the film.great friends.”

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Why a simple plan was big for Raimi

Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton in simple goodwill

Based on the novel of the same name by Scott B. Smith. Simple plan starring Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton as two brothers who find a crashed plane containing more than $4 million in cash and try to hide the money with the latter’s friend and the former’s wife. This eventually leads to a dangerous game of lies and cat-and-mouse betrayal that tests their relationship and their lives.

Although the box office is low, Simple plan It’s a big deal for Raimi as far as critics are concerned, earning the director’s highest praise in a decade. Evil dead 2. Raimi, who tried his hand at adapting a neo-noir thriller for the first time, didn’t go into serious decline on his own, though his work on the Coen brothers did. Hudsucker proxy and Western thrillers Fast and deadly Breaking its streak of positive reception, it received sharply mixed reviews from critics Evil dead 2, Darkman and Army of Darkness in previous years.

Simple plan‘s modest success was a promising sign Sam Raimimoving away again from its horror genre roots, soon following it up with the much-loved supernatural thriller. A gift, which reunited him as a writer with Thornton. Additionally, the film assured audiences that he would retain his unique directorial style even as he explored other territories and adapted other features, an element that has earned him widespread praise throughout his work. Spiderman trilogy. The audience can celebrate Simple plan‘s upcoming 25th anniversary, the film is being screened at Fubo.

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