Sam Curran He wants to impress every chance he plays. England Considering the fast bowling resources they had a few months after the World Cup.

Last year’s T20 World Cup player of the tournament and final set a mark for inclusion in England’s squad to defend their 50+ title with a star in India against Bangladesh.

He was overlooked for the first ODI, but made a cameo of 33 from 19 balls in the second, before blowing winds from Bangladesh’s sails in his response with three wickets within five deliveries.

Curran eventually finished four points to 29 in Dhaka, and although he insists he doesn’t feel pressured to perform, the left-arm sailor feels he needs to keep pushing to keep the draw.

“We have a good staff right now,” he said. “There are guys who came back in the test round. Every time you play for a team and for England, you want to put on a performance.

“We now have a great squad with Jofra (Archer), (Chris) Woakes and (Mark) Wood. Everyone has had a tough few years due to injury and everyone is happy to see the quality of the bowlers around us.

“It’s a great time and I hope we can all stay fit and make some good decisions to the captain and coach. As bowlers we just want to perform and be in those 15 that they take to the World Cup.

“It’s a great team to have around and I think the World Cup can only give me confidence. But it’s about enjoying it and not putting too much pressure (on myself).”

With his only experience in Bangladesh at the 2016 U-19 World Cup, Curran used an early swing to give the Tigers three-to-nine in Friday’s 327 follow-up, putting their England rivals behind by 132 points to remain undefeated. Leading 2-0 in the only game to be played.

Despite being neither tall nor building a fast pace, Curran continues to excel in international cricket and has attributed his success to his keen instincts and cunning skills.

“To be honest, I don’t think much,” Curran said. “You have natural plans and I like to react to what’s in front of me. I’m not a great planner to look at what’s in front of me.

“But he’s just reacting – if my breakers are working I’ll stick with them, but (Friday) the new ball was blown so he played as you can see.

“It helps when you first watch them bowling and almost imitate what they’re doing. Pay attention to what they’re doing wrong and don’t do what they’re doing wrong.

“Every game we try to get better, we get closer to the World Cup.”

England headed to Chattogram on Saturday – formerly Chittagong, Bangladesh Government officially changed the city’s name in 2018 – and will bid to seal a clean sweep 3-0 on Monday.

This is England’s final ODI until September, when their World Cup roster is about to be announced, but Curran hopes to continue his case in other ways, including the Indian Premier League.

Curran is the most expensive auction purchase in IPL history, which was bought by the Punjab Kings for £1.85m in December and will go to India after England’s Bangladesh tour.

“Another opportunity to play cricket in India, it will be great,” he added. “It’s a great preparation for the World Cup and I hope I can put on some good performances for my team.”