The private dance scene between Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek in Magic Mike’s Last Dance isn’t just hot: it reveals the film’s real message.

A steamy private dance that Mahandra (Salma Hayek) takes on Magic Mike’s Last Dance not only shows, but also secretly reveals the chemistry between her and Mike (Channing Tatum). Magic Mike 3 true meaning. Mike agrees to dance solo because even though he can work as a bartender after losing his furniture business, he can’t get past the high price Max is willing to pay for his services. She is even more shocked when a wealthy socialite offers her an even bigger sum to come with him to London and direct a sensational show in the West End.


In each Magic Mike movie, Mike has spent his career anticipating what women want, but he’s not ready for someone like Max who buys what he wants but still doesn’t fulfill his life. Soon, the working dancer is sleeping in her luxury penthouse, trying to gather a new group of dancers and figure out how to please her. To complicate matters, Max’s estranged husband, Mike, is not happy about their impressionable daughter being around and the changes that are happening to Max.

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In Magic Mike 3, Mike’s dance for Max prompts him to choose her for himself

Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek in Magic Mike's Last Dance

Since getting Mike’s private dance magic mike 3, Max feels free to choose what he wants out of life. At first, he’s hesitant to even approach her with an idea, but the act of asking for what he wants and getting it will push him to reach for more. Unhappily married to Richard, but devoted to the theater where she first saw him perform, she wants to change Rattigan. Mike dance sequencesbut he worries that he will be looked down upon by the whole of British society if he is brave.

Mike’s dancing sparks something inside Max in more ways than one, and when the pair work together on a new West End show, he finds himself embracing change even as he still fears it. Instead of giving Max what he wants the whole time, Mike lets Max figure it out for himself. But the pain is mounting as his desire proves as mercurial as his mood. Still, he appreciates that Mike gives him agency in a way that Richard never had.

Mike Knows What Women Want (Feeling Strong)

Salma Hayek

Throughout the Magic Mike trilogy, Mike managed to satisfy thousands of screaming women by giving them what they wanted; an intense show with many hot dancers. After approaching Max as his personal dancer, she begins to understand what it really gives women – the power they feel in control of their lives. Soon, the show will take on a new form as it focuses on one main theme: women’s empowerment.

Like Max, Isabella, the transmogrified protagonist of The Rise of Isabella, realizes that she doesn’t have to choose between love and wealth, but has a third way—to enjoy the many men in her life as she pleases. The character resonates with many of the women in the audience, who not only enjoy what they see, but are inspired to go out and get what they want out of life. In the end, Mike learned an important lesson about respect and taking advantage of opportunities to please women, and because of that, he finally had the stable romance he wanted.

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