Recently, Pluto TV has had a very cool launch. Last week, the streaming service added a new channel Pluto TV ROCKY which plays Rocky movies are free. Although this is a limited channel, don’t worry too much. It was also launched last week Sailor Moon channel All 200 episodes of Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon and Beautiful Guardians Sailor Moon Crystal. The channel also broadcasts movies, incl Beautiful Guardians Sailor Moon R: The Movie, The Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon S: The Movieand The Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie. If you are a fan Sailor Moon, this is a great opportunity to watch this series for free. Keep in mind that Pluto TV works like a regular TV in that you select a channel and just watch what’s on instead of playing the episodes you want. Personally, I sometimes like this format.

Then, this week, the MST3K channel The 13th season started airing on Pluto TV Mystery science theater 3000 to the table. All 13 episodes will be available live for free, along with the previous 12 seasons. you can also use demand feature to watch the episodes you want.

This season marks the first time Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be available outside of Gizmoplex, the indie streaming platform created for new and classic episodes. Now fans can board the Love Companion and join janitor Joel Robinson and his robot friends, Tom. , Crow and Gypsy as mad scientists (AKA “Celebrities”) who force them to watch horror movies and offer funny commentary on them.

What are you watching on Pluto TV?