In addition to starring, Reynolds will write and produce the feature.

Ryan Reynolds and Sean Levy seems to have a lot of ideas coming up while working on it Deadpool 3, and we’re all here for it. According to The Hollywood Reporterboth are gearing up for another feature collaboration with a comedy film Rich band Set at Paramount. The two, who often work together, are shooting a picture that Levy may take the director’s chair. In addition to starring, the MCU star also co-wrote the screenplay Jesse Andrews famous for writing the film script Me & Earl and & Dying Girl.

Reynolds has written the film’s story, but plot details are currently being kept under wraps. However, as the title suggests, the film is said to be about the reunion of a boy band. It’s unclear what role Reynolds will play in the film, but from what viewers have seen of the Apple TV+ Christmas movie, Spiritual, there’s a good chance he’ll be playing one of the guys, and our money’s on the frontman. Reynolds is known for his dazzling performances in red suits Deadpoolaka the Merc with a Mouth in the Marvel movie series, but fans have seen another side of the actor. Spiritual Here he clearly proved that he has all the qualities of leading a group of children.

Reynold’s role Spiritual He took the main task because it gave him the opportunity to work Will Ferrell It has been one of his lifelong dreams, but this gig seems to have sparked a new interest for the actor. In one year Interview with Collider himself Steve Weintraub about Spiritual, Reynolds described the gig as a “one-time deal” and said he couldn’t accept roles like that, but it seems he’s been bitten by the song/dance bug. “There’s no point in this whole process that I didn’t question that idea. I thought, ‘God, there must be a simpler way to communicate with Will,'” Reynolds said of the rehearsals. . She admitted that despite 3 months of grueling choreography training, she loved the idea of ​​being on the dance floor. The move paid off, with the film receiving positive reviews and much praise for the chemistry between Reynolds and Ferrell.

Ryan Reynolds' spirited poster takes on a social dimension
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Produced by Reynolds Rich band Under his Maximum Effort banner, which first appeared with Paramount, Levy will produce under 21 Laps Entertainment. Some of the duo’s previous work together is included A free man, human project, and upcoming Deadpool 3 He welcomes his return Hugh Jackman to the MCU as Wolverine Enemy to Wade Wilson. Levy is also negotiating with Direct Children’s group but his participation in this capacity will be subject to his availability as the director will be busy. production for Rich band it is planned to start from the fall of this year and the beginning of next year. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet Spiritual Here’s Reynolds proving he’s got moves like Jagger or any other famous boy band frontman: