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Witcher 3 treasure hunt, the Royal Air Force may not allow Geralt into the cockpit of the Spitfire, but it will help you climb one of Velen’s highest points. Based in the east of the region, you must fight a squadron of harpies and a climbing puzzle to get your hands on the treasure.

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This guide will help you find this quest and climb to the top of the tower to get the treasure located at the top. You may need some help, as climbing high isn’t very common in Geralt’s journey.

Where to start your treasure hunt: Royal Air Force

The Witcher 3 map with an orange circle above the quest location.

The Royal Air Force takes off east of Velen, in Vikk Watchtower. When you arrive you will be attacked by a large pack of harpies and you will have to take down the buggers.


As a witcher, Geralt is better suited to dealing with enemies that have a stronger affinity for gravity than those that require ground-based air defense. Said, his a crossbow will be especially effective giving you a means of knocking down flying monsters where they can be attacked with less difficulty.

A screenshot of Geralt standing over a corpse with a red outline on it.

When the area is safe, search the entrance to the watchtower. IS the corpse fell against the arch which has both letter and key required to start this quest.

How to climb the tower

Geralt stands atop a ruined tower overlooking the roads of Velen.

Treasure found on the highest point of the Vikk watchtower. Given that the structure is literally a shell of its former self and partially destroyed It takes some work to reach the top.

Go to the right of the arch, enter the basement and go up the stairs. From there you will need jump from ledge to ledge, through a dangerous path. There is a chest next to the nest, ready for you. You will have to jump on the dilapidated stairs to reach it.

The chest contains Runestone Pierog, which is used in the creation of Varenika’s charms, which improves healing obtained from food.

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