Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith had a complicated relationship throughout their lives Doctor Who, and while each character had their own strengths and weaknesses, it was when they came together that the show was able to really shine. But their relationship didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts, and they didn’t have the easiest of times together – Rose’s adventures with the Doctor led to several clashes with Mickey, leading the show to tackle important themes of loyalty and abandonment. made it possible. They were one of the show’s greatest characters in the early days, and their relationship opened up many avenues for the story.


It is not easy to do this effectively Summarize Rose Tyler as a character, she went through many different stages of expressing and accepting her time with the Doctor, but that’s what made her such a fun character to watch. He was preoccupied with exploring the universe and unraveling its mysteries, but he also had loyalties to his homeland that characterized a particular aspect of his life. Mickie Rose represented the other side of Tyler, the side that had a repetitive job on Earth and no real purpose. Doctor Who‘s early seasons did a great job of managing the impossible balance between these two worlds.

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Pre-Season 1 – Rose and Mickey grow up together

Rose and Mickey hugging in Doctor Who

Although it is not actually shown Doctor Who, Rose and Mickey spent most of their childhood together. Their relationship started a few years before the show started Rose was the doctor’s greatest companion. in the romanization of Doctor WhoIn the first episode of “Rose,” it was revealed that Rose and Mickey began dating in their teenage years — though both parties were hesitant to put a label on things. They continued this ambiguous relationship for several years, until the doctor entered their lives.

By establishing their long-standing relationship from the ground up, Doctor Who really raised the stakes for Rose and Mickey. They weren’t two random people separated by the Doctor, but childhood sweethearts whose deep connection gave the show a much-needed emotional boost. This helped characterize Rose as someone who is lost in her life, someone who only the Doctor can provide solace and purpose. is easy to see The Doctor and Rose as the perfect couplebut the show didn’t hesitate to remind viewers of its long past with Mickey.

Season 1, Episode 1 – Episode 5: Rose leaves Mickey for a short time to begin traveling with the Doctor, but they eventually reunite.

The character of the Ninth Doctor trying to protect Rose in Doctor Who

From Rose’s introduction in the first episode of the revived show, “Rose,” her relationship with Mickey was under serious strain. The Doctor always looked for courage and compassion in his companions, and while he saw these traits in Rose, he didn’t see them in Mickey. This forced Rose to sacrifice her relationship with Mickey for a chance to see the stars, leaving Mickey alone on Earth. He continued to travel the universe without Mickey for several episodes, leading to their final but tense meeting in Episode 5, “Boom Town”.

Rose’s decision didn’t make much sense At first, she always clung to Mickey for comfort and support in her darkest moments – but the Doctor made her brave and gave her the confidence to deal with her problems on her own. Mickey had no such faith, and even after Rose left, he held out hope that one day she would return. The pair didn’t have the healthiest dynamic, and while it’s easy to sympathize with Mickey throughout these episodes, it’s clear that Rose thrives without the commitment of a relationship and takes control of her life.

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Season 1, Episode 6 – Episode 13: Rose continues to travel with the Doctor, driving her and Mickey apart

A hologram of the Ninth Doctor standing in the TARDIS

After leaving with the Doctor again in Episode 6’s “Dalek”, Rose continued to visit family and friends regularly every few episodes. It was during these visits that Mickey began to express how much he cared about his ex-girlfriend and often begged her not to forget him. But then Rose turned into a bad wolf In Episode 13, “The Parting of the Ways,” everyday life on Earth no longer suited him. She needed more and Mickey couldn’t give her that.

Meanwhile, Rose still cared about Mickey. They had spent their entire childhood together and they still had feelings for each other. This was the most difficult period in Rose and Mickey’s relationship, as both knew things were falling apart, but neither wanted to let go. Rose’s life has completely changed, and Mickey has no place in her new lifestyle.

Season 1, Episode 14 – Season 2, Episode 5: Mickey joins Rose in the TARDIS and begins to realize that they are no longer compatible

The Tenth Doctor

Rose and Ten’s relationship was a very interesting part of Doctor Who‘s season 1, however, that dynamic changed when Mickey began joining the pair on their adventures. She first offered her help in episode 14 of “The Christmas Invasion” and appeared in several other episodes including season 2, episode 3 “School Reunion” and episode 4 “The Girl in the Fireplace”. On his travels, he saw how close and friendly Rose had become with the Doctor – and this caused some serious jealousy and sadness in Mickey (he knew he had never made Rose so happy).

During these episodes, their relationship was really difficult, as Mickey realized that the only thing worse than being without Rose was watching her live her best life without her. He began to question why he was even bothering and soon realized that he was wasting his time trying to get her to stay with him. Mickey and Rose’s relationship was not very successfuland his travels leading up to Season 2, Episode 5, “Rise of the Cybermen” proved it.

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Season 2, Episode 6 – Episode 12: Stuck in a parallel universe, Rose and Mickey go their separate ways, but eventually reunite.

Image of Mickey lying on the ground in Doctor Who

In the end, Mickey realizes that their relationship is beyond salvation. After Rose sees how happy she is with the Doctor, she sees that she will never be happy with a normal life with him – and she will never be happy with a normal life without him. In “Age of Steel” Episode 6, Mickey finally says goodbye to Rose when faced with the possibility of starting his life over in a parallel universe. Although it’s an emotional goodbye, there’s something optimistic and heartfelt about their parting. The tension in their relationship is gone and they can finally be themselves without the pressure of sticking together.

Mickey’s involvement in Age of Steel makes him one of those Doctor Whos best cyberman stories, finally wrapping up the long-running arc that tied together most of the first two seasons. Mickey and Rose are finally living their best lives – it just took them a while to realize they had to do it separately. Their breakup was a huge turning point for the show and proved for the first time that not all relationships have to have a happy ending. Mickey remained in the parallel universe for several episodes, until the start of the season finale “Army of Ghosts” (episode 12).

Season 2, Episode 13 – Season 4, Episode 12: Rose is trapped in a parallel universe with Mickey

Rose is smiling at the Doctor, who is turned left

Despite being left alone in this other world, Mickey eventually returns to save the day in Season 2, Episode 13, “Doomsday.” The episode marks one of them Doctor Whothe saddest companion of, Rose and Mickey find themselves sent back to a parallel universe and trapped there without the Doctor. With no way back, the couple is forced to reconcile their friendship and spend the next few years in each other’s company. However, despite the privacy and isolation of their new home, Rose and Mickey never rekindle their romance.

This is a very important part of the timeline of Rose and Mickey’s relationship because it proves two things. First, despite the romantic turmoil they’ve experienced over the past few months, the couple can remain friends. There is no evidence of arguments or disputes over the years, suggesting that they eventually resolved their conflict. Second, Rose’s bond with the Doctor was stronger than anything she felt for Mickey. He spends every moment trying to find the Doctor until Season 4, Episode 12, “The Stolen Land.” Losing Rose was it The saddest thing that ever happened to the 10th Doctorand it proves to be just as difficult for him.

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Meta Crisis Dr. and Rose Tyler at Bad Wolf Bay in Journey's End

Although she spent some time with Mickey in the parallel universe, Rose never stayed there and constantly tried to return home and meet the Doctor. When he finally returned to Earth, he once again fought alongside Mickey to defeat the Daleks and restore peace to the universe. Now that she’s finally returned to the Doctor and saved the universe once more, Rose is ready to go home – but when faced with the chance to spend her life with Mickey, she knows it’s the wrong thing to do. No matter how many chances the universe gave them, this pair was not compatible.

Rose eventually returned with the Meta-Crisis Doctor, an incarnation of the Doctor created after Donna Noble interfered with his latent regeneration energy. The pair spent the rest of their days in a parallel universe, both aging together due to the Meta-Crisis Doctor’s inability to regenerate. Rose lived the important life she wanted, but she couldn’t do it forever. Now she wanted to go back to the normal life she hated before – but she knew she couldn’t do that with Mickey. They drifted too far apart and she realized that her feelings for him were no longer romantic. They had to stand apart to let each other shine.

Season 4 Episode 13 – New Year’s Eve 2010 TV Series: Mickey gets his happy ending after he returns to Earth and marries Martha Jones.

Martha and Mickey make a serious appearance in Doctor Who

Upon learning that Rose has returned to the parallel universe (which Mickey now calls home) with the Meta-Crisis Doctor, Mickey realizes that he can’t go back any time soon (Episode 13, “Journey’s End”). Rose and the Doctor were a real couple, and his return will only bring them trouble. Despite everything they’d been through, Mickey wanted Rose to be happy—and he knew it hurt him to see them grow old together. Instead, he decided to stay on Earth and start working for UNIT, protecting the planet from alien threats on a daily basis.

Mickey worked with the Doctor’s old friend Martha Jones at UNIT and the pair quickly developed a close relationship. They got married a few years later (New Years 2010 TV special episode) and several Doctor Who linked materials confirmed the existence of their son Augustus. During their time on the show, both Mickey and Martha were neglected and ignored by Rose and the Doctor respectively. They both understood what it means to be second only to the wonders of the universe, and this shared experience brought them together and made their relationship strong.

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