It is not easy to follow the path of the Jedi, but it is even more difficult to leave it after becoming disillusioned with it. This is one of Ahsoka Tano’s lessons (Rosario Dawson) had to learn throughout his life after the Jedi Council turned their backs on him when he needed him most. The hero will now be the title its own live-action television series, and the actress knew that she had to put all her efforts into every aspect of herself. in a recent interview with Entertainment WeeklyDawson talked about having to study the lightsaber to portray the wise warrior:

He’s double-edged, it was just something special. He’s so ruthless from the start, there’s never been any question as to whether or not he’s capable. He meets every game. There’s no hesitation in him, and that’s really different from someone in his 40s who’s learning martial arts and trying to protect his face.

A few months after the training, I felt that it somehow got into my body. I remember when it clicked I felt really attached to it and some things became more familiar and seamless. I felt trapped in Ahsoka then.

Ahsoka goes on a very personal journey as her series premieres Disney+ later this year, hoping to catch up with old friends as the galaxy enters a new era. during the climactic battle within the final episodes of Star Wars: RebelsEzra Bridger (played live Eman Esfandi) fought against the evil Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen). Their encounter ends abruptly when the ship they are on is lost forever in hyperspace. But when rumors spread that a dangerous villain was lurking in the shadows, Ahsoka couldn’t help but feel that her friend was there too.


The version of the character played by Dawson was introduced in the second season Mandalorian, when he decided to look for Ezra. When Kuch meets him with Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), she immediately felt a connection with the baby she was carrying because of her Force sensitivity. Ahsoka’s training allowed her to read the boy’s mind, which even Dean didn’t know was actually Grogu. Since then, the Mandalorian and the former Jedi have formed a close friendship as they care about the future of their galaxy.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka, holding a lightsaber in the Ahsoka trailer
Image via Disney+

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When Will Ahsoka Will it be released?

While it has been repeatedly stated that the spin-off will premiere on Disney+ later this year, no specific release date has been announced by Lucasfilm. Site belonging to the studio Offered on August 31 When will the character return to the platform, but Disney quickly denied the rumors and said that they do not know when. Ahsoka yet to be released. However, late summer seems like the right release window because Skeleton crewis expected to be launched at the end of this year. Soon after, an official day was set for viewers to enjoy the final adventure set in Ahsoka’s own timeline. Mandalorian.

You can watch Collider’s exclusive interview with Rosario Dawson below: