Farming and stone age simulation game Pacha roots reappeared on the Steam storefront.

Game has been removed from Valve’s digital marketplace following a dispute between developer Soda Den and publisher Crytivo. Apparently, the two sides have agreed to part ways amicably, as explained in a press release sent to TechRaptor.

We’re also hearing about future content and updates, both in the short and long term. Next month we’ll get a new romance character and a quality of life update, and in the future the game will get plant and animal evolution and new locations. You can read the full statement below.

“Roots of Pacha, the co-op farming and Stone Age life simulator, returns to Steam today following a deal between developer Soda Den and publisher Crytivo. Both parties have decided to part ways amicably on terms that are mutually beneficial. You can find the full statement at the bottom of this email.

With the return of Roots of Pacha to Steam, the post-launch patches that Soda Den has continued to implement based on community feedback will be available to both new and existing players. Prehistoric farmers can expect a patch next month with quality of life updates and a new romance character. Long-term updates include this year’s plant and animal evolution, next year’s new Tundra and Turtle Islands locations, among other features and gameplay improvements.”

Pacha roots is a cute 2D pixel life and farming simulator set in the Stone Age. It was funded through Kickstarter to the tune of $355,388 – more than ten times its original goal of $35,000 – with 7,015 backers. The game is slated to release on consoles later this year, but a release date for those ports has yet to be announced.