Raid The Roots of Nightmares for Destiny 2: Lightfall will be released on Friday, March 10. The raid will be available to all players worldwide during the daily reset. As with all previous raids, there will be a competitive mode during the raid broadcast.

The first squad to complete a raid in the world will receive an exclusive First in the World seal, but other players who complete challenges in competitive mode will also receive a special emblem. Here are the exact times for each region:

  • March 10
    • 9am pacific time
    • 12:00 PM ET
    • 17:00 UTC
    • 18:00 CET
  • March 11th


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The competition mode will last 48 hours, which means that if you’re not competing for the world’s first seal, you can wait for the veterans to solve the puzzles and encounters, then start your own raid on Saturday, and you’ll still get to get the emblem if you finish the raid in time. The contest ends on Sunday at the time indicated above.

each one Fate 2 raid expands the history of the extension it belongs to. In terms of Roots of Nightmares, it remains to be seen who we will face as the final boss, but some players believe that we will eventually meet Nezartz, whose voice messages are heard several times during the Lightfall campaign. Like Kalus, Nezarets is also one of the Witness’ students, but we haven’t met him yet.

Each Destiny 2 raid contains secret chests and collectibles. Even if you complete the raid in competitive mode, it is unlikely that you will find all of the Roots of Nightmares secrets, it will probably take several tries to complete the raid until you get all the triumphs for it. Destiny 2 raids typically involve multiple encounters, puzzle-solving sessions, and platforming challenges.

Bungie recently unlocked all Thread fragments to allow players to try different builds in the game and prepare for the upcoming raid. So it’s safe to say that Strand will be very useful in Roots of Nightmares.

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