Rise of the Evil Dead the scene used so much blood that they had to work hard to make it all work. Scheduled to hit theaters on April 21, the film is the fifth film in a franchise about Candarian demons possessing and killing humans. This story from writer-director Lee Cronin is largely unrelated to the rest of the franchise, following a family whose Los Angeles apartment becomes home when Book of the Dead goes full force and a single mother takes over. .

SlashFilm recently had a chance to sit down with Cronin to discuss what’s to come release of Rise of the Evil Dead. During the interview, he revealed that they used over 1,700 gallons of stage blood, which is enough to fill four hot tubs for about 4-6 people. The amount they required was so great that they had to”rent an industrial kitchenTo do this. Read his full quote below:

(It’s) all right sticky, icky movie blood. Like the real deal. There is no trick in taking some water and adding red food coloring. Because it won’t. All these were cooked. We had to hire an industrial kitchen to prepare the required amount of blood, and it was everywhere. Yes, this is the real deal. And it’s all over the screen.

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Evil Dead movies require more gore than the average horror flick

Bruce Campbell

Cronin reveals this with this quote Rise of the Evil Dead fits perfectly with Evil Dead universe. Although the story is not strongly connected to the original trilogy (which continued when star Bruce Campbell returned to the series for three seasons). Against Ash and the Evil Dead) or 2013 remake Evil Dead, the franchise needs a lot of blood to match both branches. Even with limited budgets, each film tried to match the previous one in terms of on-screen carnage.

The average horror outing, especially in the slasher subgenre, only spills blood when it comes to the death of a character. However, the supernatural basis Evil Dead films allow the human body to be pushed far beyond its normal limits. Playful but vicious, kandaria demons use extreme movements to strike potential victims, resulting in wounds that bleed far more than the normal 1.5 gallons of human body blood.

One way the Evil Dead processing The ante was upped by literally drenching the entire third act with gore. Although Rise of the Evil Dead Perhaps unable to recapture that moment, Cronin seems to have found plenty of ways to bring horror glory to the screen. It remains to be seen what the film’s bloodiest moments will be, but the fifth film will have no trouble keeping the horror franchise’s torch alive.

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Source: SlashFilm

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