in the SXSW keynote on the future of women in Hollywood, led by Priyanka Chopra JonasPrime Video has dropped a new clip from its big new spy series Castle. Both comedic and tense, it shows Richard MaddenAgent Kane Chopra does his best to remind Jonas’ Agent Sinh of his past as a member of the spy organization. His attempts to manipulate his memory go hilariously wrong, ending with the two agents fighting each other.

The clip shows Kane approaching Sinh at his new job. Castle They revolve around these two with the intention of recovering their memories and reforming the Citadel with their old colleague Bernard Orlik (Stanley Tucci) to counter the powerful Manticore syndicate’s attempts to establish a new world order. Both agents were nearly killed by the destruction of the Citadel and initially led separate lives until Orlick confronted Kane and convinced him of the truth. Kane tries to do the same for Sinh, but he quickly dismisses her as a madman with malicious intent. It doesn’t help matters when Kane tries to throw a knife at Sinh to see if his elite agent instincts kick in. Instead, it scares him even more and he grabs his own knife to defend himself. Rather than backing down and trying to defuse the situation, Kane walks in and scans her face with a briefcase, revealing to her that she is Nadia Sinh and that her life will change forever.


Apart from the core trio of Chopra Jonas, Madden and Tucci, Castle He has an all-star cast for his globe-trotting adventures. Leslie Manville Starring alongside Dahlia Archer, Britain’s scheming ambassador to the US Osy Ikhile As Carter Spence, Ashley Cummings as Abby Conroy, Roland Moller As Anders Silje and Davik Silje, and Caoilinn Springall Hendrix as Conroy.


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Castle Aiming to be Prime Video’s next big franchise

Castle It may be Prime Video’s most ambitious project to date. produced by Russo Bros. AGBO with both Anthony and Joe Russo as executive producers and David Weil as a show, it will be the basis for a much larger franchise that includes global affiliates that are locally created, produced, and filmed. Currently there is Castle line is set Italy and with India Matilda de Angelis, Varun Dhawanand Samantha Ruth Prabhu among those who played the role. Russians previously discussed They’ve been so eager to take on the challenge of the MCU that they’ve offered so many shows throughout their entire run that they could blend together to create a living, breathing television world.

Jonas was personally drawn to the series for what he described as a “duality” between realities, with the clip teasing his old life as a spy as being absorbed into his current persona. He explained:

This show has so many layers and complexities. There’s a word that we used from the beginning, which was binary, for each character. Don’t believe what you see. The whole thing is conceptually insane. It’s exciting to share it with the world. It took a long time to develop because it was so ambitious. I am very excited about it.

Castle It will take viewers into the world of espionage with two episodes starting April 28 with a new episode every week until May 26. Watch the new clip below.