Sunday morning brought such news Richard Belzeris a stand-up comedian and perennial star of NBC Law and order franchise, died aged 78.

Belzer played Detective John Munch for 22 years, in more than 11 different television series and six primetime shows. A life of murder on the streetsalso appears in the original Law and order and Trial by jury.

Corrupted by news Laraine NewmanWorked with Belzer on regular shows in his early years Saturday Night Live on NBC. Belzer had been living in the south of France for several years when he died.

Richard Belzer as John Munch

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Newman said of the news: “I was very sad to hear that Richard Belzer passed away. I loved this guy. He was one of my first friends when I came to New York to do SNL. We went out to dinner. used to go. Every week in Sheepshead Bay for lobster. One of the funniest people. Master of crowd work. RIP dear.”

Mariska HargitayPlayed by Olivia Benson Law & Order: SVU Remembering his late colleague on Instagram for the last 24 seasons, he said: “Goodbye, my dear friend. I will miss you, your unique light and your unique attitude to this strange world. I am blessed to have known you and I love you. “I’ve worked with you, side by side, for many years. How lucky the angels are to have you. I can hear them laughing. I love you so much, now and forever.”

Colleague Law & Order: SVU A star Christopher MaloneyElliott Stabler, who played Elliot Stabler for 12 seasons before returning to the role in season 22, took to Twitter to share a photo of himself and Bezler with the simple caption, “(Bye) mon ami. I love you,” he wrote. He also shared a separate photo of Bezler and Hargitay hanging out on set.

Warren LeithBelzer’s partner in Law and order franchise, as well as lead writer and showrunner for the show’s many iterations, offered this tribute: “Richard Belzer was the first actor to welcome me when I started on SVU. Open, warm, acerbic, whip-smart, amazingly kind . I loved it. I was writing for Munch, and I loved being with Belz. We felt it was going to be his farewell scene.

Julie Martinwas a producer and writer Law and order series, fondly reminiscing about the joy of working with Belzer during his career, said: “I miss Richard Belzer today. Working with him on Murder on SVU was a funny, amazing, and always a joyous experience. I’m sure he’s a gift to them.” is doing. everybody laughs upstairs.”

Actor Chris Orbachwhose father Jerry Orbach played detective Lenny Briscoe Law and order franchise, Belzer and his co-stars and friends tweeted: “RIP #RichardBelzer. I know my old man was upstairs at the pool table waiting for you to clean up.”

Patton Oswalt he took to Twitter to express his admiration for Belzer, and also said that he won’t be around forever, even if it seems like it: “Damn, RIP Richard Belzer. I always thought he would be around. ‘Cause he always seemed to. The real original. #TheBelzBabe”

Perhaps the best yet simplest tribute came from a friend Ellen Barkinsaid, “Sit down, dear loving Richard Belzer. Rest in peace.”

Belzer’s latest release Law and order was on Law & Order: SVU in 2016. He retired that year at the age of 71.