Metal: Hellsinger, the fun-filled rhythm shooter from developer The Outsiders, is getting its first paid DLC, Dream of the Beast, on March 29.

Dream of the Beast adds two new original songs to Metal: the stellar Hellsinger soundtrack, as well as new weapons and three new costumes (Angel Eyes, Morning Star, and Dark Devotee), each with their own unique gameplay modifiers.

As for the songs, Outsiders enlisted Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia and Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos to record vocals for the new tracks, which, like the other Metal: Hellsinger tracks, were written by Two Feathers.

Metal: Hellsinger launch trailer.

The developer notes that Dream of the Beast owners can use the new tracks in the game’s new song selection feature, which comes in a free update with the DLC. This allows players to match any song with any level, “giving it a whole new flow.”

Finally, there’s a new weapon, the Red Right Hand Machine Gun (pictured above), “forged and fused from pieces of Heaven and Hell.” This is able to destroy demons in short, powerful bursts of varying lengths for a different type of play.

Dream of the Beast adds three new costumes, each with unique gameplay modifiers.

Insiders say they’ll have more to share, including information on the free Metal: Hellsinger update, before Dream of the Beast launches on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on March 29.

Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsel really liked Metal: Hellsinger when it launched last year, calling it a “smooth and fiercely restrained mix of not just Rock Band and Doom” that “captures the heartfelt spirit of the unloved genre” in his Recommended review.