with Return is finally available for PC, many of you will be wondering how this port compares to the PS5 counterpart and when the next Returnal PC patch will arrive. Well, you’re in luck as the first major patch for the roguelike game here, plus more from developer Housemarque.

Now that the Returnal PC port is here, you might be surprised too if Returnal is running on Steam Deckand what exactly to expect if you take the plunge. While everything seems to be going well with the port, there are some natural growth issues that are being addressed and fixed.

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Returned PC patch notes

The Returnal PC patch notes should help you solve any of the problems below, but there will be more.

  • Fixed a rare issue with music stopping when entering a Biome
  • Fixes for some ultrawide monitor settings not being detected in full screen mode
  • Fixed incorrect Windows resolution detection on first boot
  • Fixed grass draw distance in Epic Particle settings
  • Fix PSN login timeouts
  • Fixed rounding error of test results

Another Returnal PC patch is also on the way, and will include a number of performance improvements and fixes for the game to display properly at 3840×1600 resolution.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of the VP9 video extension installed on your Windows if you’re seeing a black screen instead of Returnal’s opening cinematic, as this should resolve the loading issue.

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If you’re wondering if your rig can work with the latest exclusive PlayStation-turned-PC port, then we’ll take a look at best return options and System return requirements the same.