Retired NFL star JJ Watt took to social media for a prank after receiving a message asking him to take part in a drug test by the NFL.

Old Arizona Cardinals And Houston Texans The defensive end has taken a break from his career after 12 seasons, but the sport is clearly not willing to let him go just yet.

The 33-year-old was sent a message this week on behalf of the NFL saying that he was randomly selected for a drug test, even after he quit the sport.

Watt shared the full message: ‚ÄúThis is Dillon on behalf of the NFL. You have been selected for the high dry bloodstain test, please call or send me a message whenever possible. Thank you.”

But he saw the funny side and explained to the post: “I don’t know what happens when you click ‘Report as Junk’ but I think I’m about to find out…”

The NFL said neither the league nor the league knew who was being tested and when.

Watt has seen the funny side many times since his retirement, most recently after news that Tom Brady sent a letter to the NFL confirming his retirement. Watt took to Twitter to joke: “I didn’t know he had paperwork … I’m definitely not going to fill it out, but he’s definitely retired.”

The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year played its last game in January as the Cardinals lost 38-11 to the San Francisco 49ers. He had already confirmed his intention to retire when his newborn son Koa made his debut in December.

In October last year, Watt was at the center of controversy as he played against the Carolina Panthers just four days after suffering from atrial fibrillation and had to get his heart back on track.