Hello PlayStation Blog Readers. I’m Edwin Edso, the producer of Resident Evil 4. We just released the latest trailer for Resident Evil 4 during today’s State of Play show. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below!

In this trailer, you will see Leon in various situations during his fight for survival. For those of you who played the original game, you may recognize some of the scenes. Drama! Action! New gameplay! Tell us what secrets you found hidden in the new footage.

What difficulties await Leon in this remake of Resident Evil 4?

In addition to a sneak peek at the showdown between Leon and Krauser, the trailer also officially announced the return of the Mercenaries! The popular additional game mode that appears in the Resident Evil series will also appear in RE4. The team is hard at work on The Mercenaries, which will be available as free DLC after launch.

Finally, we’ve announced the upcoming demo for Resident Evil 4. This demo will be available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in the near future. Get ready to take on the demo, because “survival is just the beginning”.

Resident Evil 4 preserves the essence of the original game, presenting modern gameplay and visual effects. The March 24th release date is getting closer, so don’t forget to pre-order.