Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

Key events

Taking control of the House of Representatives is a significant victory for Republicans, primarily because it puts them in a position to stop Joe Biden and the Democrats’ legislative agenda.

Don’t expect any more deflationary bills or US bailouts to make it through the chamber in the next two years. Anything resembling a recognizable democratic achievement will undoubtedly be dismantled as soon as it reaches the House of Representatives. But a divided Congress is best known not for what it does, but for what it doesn’t do. The dynamic you can expect in the coming years is for bills to pass that the Senate will ignore, while the Democratic-led Senate will return the favor to Republican legislation that comes its way.

However, there are things that the House can do unilaterally. Republicans have made it clear they intend to use the chamber’s investigative powers to probe the president’s son’s business activities Hunter Biden and the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. In the most extreme corners of the party, there are calls to initiate impeachment proceedings against Biden.

Even with the biggest problem, Congress still has to pass legislation to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling, as it is expected to do later next year. That bill gives the GOP the ability to force Biden and the Democratic Senate to agree to enact some of its policies. Expect him to push for more security on the border with Mexico, or perhaps to repeal some provisions of Biden’s marquee Cut-Inflation Act, such as funding for the IRS or its efforts to curb climate change.

The Republicans won the House of Representatives – now they must govern

Good morning, readers of the American political blog. Last night, Republicans scored the victory they needed to gain a majority in the House of Representatives, putting them in a position to force Joe BidenHe takes the White House to the negotiating table if he wants to push any law through his members – or completely derail his plan.

But the GOP still faces its narrow control of the House, after an election that defied their expectations of a “red wave” that would sweep them decisively into power. The fallout from their struggles includes a surprisingly contentious leadership election, though Kevin McCarthy he still appears on his way to becoming speaker of the House of Representatives. Expect this dynamic to continue today.

Here’s what else is going on:

  • Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi will announce today whether she will remain in the Democratic leadership after being ousted from the House leadership post.

  • Senate will continue working on his bill to protect same-sex marriage rights today after surviving a key vote yesterday.

  • Selection of the jury it starts today in the case of the former Donald Trump aide Peter Navarrowho faces charges of contempt of Congress for ignoring the committee’s January 6 subpoena.