When I first saw images of the hoverboard Back to the Future Part II When I was a kid, like other kids… I wanted to be like that! It was the best thing ever! Amazing hoverboard! Wow! It blew my mind!

Now, as a kid I knew there were fake things in the movies because I went to Universal Studios a lot, but I remember being on the playground at school and the kids saying they actually saw it once. Even the lucky one said they had it, but never showed it because their parents wouldn’t let them.

It didn’t help that the film’s director, Robert Zemeckis, himself said in a behind-the-scenes promo that the Hoverboard was real! In fact, he said they had been around for years, but he claimed they were never released due to “parent groups” and were not sold because they were too dangerous. But as he says in the video, “We got our hands on some and put them on film.”

Yes, it was a playful lie that ended up breaking the hearts of many children when they found out it wasn’t really real. It was a great misfortune.

Now there was attempts Creating a real Hoverboard, but never lost anything in the commercial market. It was all just for fun to see if it could actually be done. Tony Hawk rode one one time! Anyway, you can watch a promotional video of Zemeckis saying that Hoverboards are real.