Grand Theft Auto 5 It will be ten years old in September, and it remains one of the most popular games. If you think back to 2013, you might remember how social media and forums were filled with Easter eggs, theories, and secrets. From the early to mid-2010s, it was practically a sufficient cash cow.

You may recall one complex mystery that has never been fully solved – the mural on Mount Chiliad. The mural can be found at the cable car station at the top of the mountain. The base of the mural contains three images – a UFO, an egg and a jet pack. Also under the observation deck is a message “Come back when your story is complete.”

It didn’t take long for myth hunters to track down the four UFOs present in Grand Theft Auto V. One sunk off the coast of Paleto Bay and can be visited regardless of player progress. However, the other three require the player to have 100% completion to view. The first is a modern military UFO that can be found over Fort Zancudo, a more alien UFO that appears over Mount Chiliad at 3am, and a UFO emblazoned with the FIB logo that can be seen over Camp Hippie in Sandy Shores. after fulfilling the prerequisite.

UFO Fort Zancudo Grand Theft Auto V

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After the discovery of these UFOs, many concluded that the mystery was solved. The mural was just a map to find these UFOs. Their reasoning was that the UFO drawing represented a UFO in the Hippie Camp because they own a car topped with what looks like a UFO. The egg teased a UFO off the coast of Paleto Bay, as the Paleto Bay sign features an egg-shaped clock. Finally, the jetpack represents the UFO over Fort Zancudo, because in San Andreas you can find the jetpack in Area 69, the equivalent of the fort in this game. Naturally, the last UFO is over Mount Chiliad.

Well, is that so? Not everyone thought so. Some believed that there must have been something else in the secret. Many theories have been made, such as the egg actually representing the fountain near the Maze Bank building and not the Paleto Bay sign. Players superimposed a mural over a Grand Theft Auto 5 map, hoping to find some correlation between the placement of the images. Unable to find convincing answers in the single-player game, players turned to GTA Online.

Each subsequent Online expansion added little teasers, such as special cargo missions using sasquatch skins and decorative eggs. After the release of the Gunrunning expansion, data miners found alien models and an alien egg. After some research, it was discovered that after completing 600 supply runs, your next supply run between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM will unlock a hidden mission. This mission involves getting an egg from a crashed UFO. After picking up the egg, a group of aliens will scream at you and run away.

GTA Online alien egg

Whether this is the egg mentioned in the Chiliad Mystery mural is a matter of debate. Rockstar added this egg post-release, disappointing players who wanted to believe there was a big unsolved mystery since 2013. The Doomsday update in 2017 seemed to confirm that Rockstar was unraveling its mysteries after a jetpack was added to the game that was used in a mission involving the tunnel at Mount Chiliad.

So, was the mural just a visual representation of UFO locations, or was it an extreme foreshadowing of possible secrets in GTA Online? Or is it still not solved? This is a debate that people are still having. However, it is likely that Rockstar has closed the chapter on the mystery of Chiliad with its online additions.

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