There is a new one Redfall trailer is in town to get you hyped for this vampire shooter due out in May. The trailer introduces the warped and twisted world that Arkane has created for the game, showcasing and highlighting some of the amazing and strange aspects of this world.

Redfall used to be a nice, quaint town, so it was probably ground zero for a vampire invasion. The sun has darkened and the once quiet town of Redfall is now overrun by bloodsuckers, so you must overcome the rival factions that are now fighting for supremacy on the island. You can check the new one Redfall the trailer is here.


The trailer opens with a bird’s-eye view of Redfall and a series of voice-overs bleakly recounting what has happened to the place. As the trailer progresses, we see (and hear) the vampiric menace that has engulfed Redfall; — the vampires whisper hoarsely when they fully demonstrate the city’s corrupted environment.

A new trailer for Arkane is also shown Redfallweirder and creepier moments. Objects hover in the air as one of RedfallThe heroes wonder where she is, comparing the city to “the strangest dream.” The big screen shows a man suspended in some kind of shield, while a voiceover tells us that we “shouldn’t be here.”

After all this creepy, we remind you of this Redfall it’s also an action-packed game as a voice over the radio tells us to find a weapon and engage in battle with the vampire menace. It’s all pretty exciting and should get you even more hype Redfall in front of his arrival on May 2 this year. It’s coming Xbox consoles and PC through both steam and Microsoft Store, and will also be available to play on Xbox Game Pass on day one.