Spoilers for Red Rose Season 1 below!

The following article discusses suicide and violence.

After navigating the online horrors and riddles faced by a group of teenagers, Netflix Red rose While setting the stage for Season 2, it also resolves many of the common mysteries in its final moments. Red rose then turns into a sinister conspiracy that points to many real problems with online privacy. With each episode, Red rose‘s action and drama further blurs the lines between the real and virtual worlds, leading to a satisfying conclusion.


Although the Netflix horror drama leaves a lot of important details to the viewer’s imagination and deliberately paves the way for the sequel, it does provide some important details about the origin of the central app and the evil forces at work behind it. At the same time, Red rose it also loses its supernatural underpinnings towards the end and focuses more on the psychological implications. killer Red Rose app. A lot happens during the eight-part run, Red rose leaves a lot to the audience in its final moments. Here is a detailed explanation Red roseend of

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The origin and inner workings of the Red Rose app explained

Charlie Hiscock as Jacob Taylor and the Red Rose website in Red Rose Season 1 Episode 1

of Netflix Red rose presents the titular app as a highly invasive program that accesses everything on Rochelle’s device. Although it seems harmless at first, the program gradually takes control of Rochelle’s life by controlling her text messages, incoming calls, phone camera, and even her movements in the real world. What starts out as a seemingly random prank soon turns into a digital nightmare for Rochelle. Even though he blames the app for his actions until he dies after committing suicide, no one believes him.

As the season 1 finale of the sci-fi horror show draws to a close, the app’s murky inner workings become clearer as the show returns to its origins. It turns out that the app was developed by a Manchester high school student named Jacob, who wanted to use it to find out more about his girlfriend, Alyssa. At the same time, Jacob received advice and approval from a group of distant online friends. Over time, as Jacob gathered more information about Alyssa’s personal life through the app, the app grew to the point where he had master access to every piece of technology around Alyssa.

Despite using the app’s data to please Alyssa, Jacob (portrayed by Charlie Hiscock, famous for playing Will Kit Man be included? Ted Lasso Season 2) was turned down when he asked her out. After being rejected, most members of his distant group of friends mocked him, but a mysterious member nicknamed “The Gardener” offered him moral support and asked for access to the app in return. Jacob didn’t realize that “The Gardener” didn’t have his best interests at heart and was trying to misuse the app for his own benefit.

Why the red rose was on the dark web

Red Rose Netflix

Jacob soon discovers that the gardener is using the app to torture Alyssa. He tries to save her but can’t reach her before the Gardener. When Jacob threatens to report the Gardener’s crimes, he meets the same fate as Alyssa. After Jacob’s tragic end, the app and its new developers continue to grow stronger before targeting Rochelle (played) Isis Hainsworth Metal Lords fame). Roch is also killed before he can reveal the truth behind the application and warn his friends about it. His death prompts Wren and his group of friends to investigate the app, which leads them to a dark website.

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When Jaya accesses Red Rose’s password-protected website, she realizes that its developers are using it to spread the roots of the Internet and ruin users’ lives just for fun. This confirms that after Yaqub’s death, Gardener turned his technology into something even more sinister by abusing innocent people through the app, and put it on the dark web to entertain a paying audience. distributed. The dark web proves to be the perfect place for the horror drama’s main villain’s illegal activities, as he maintains his anonymity until Jaya finds a way to hack into his system.

The identity and purpose of the gardener in Red Rose explained

Gardener in Red Rose

In Red roseIn the finale, Ren’s father is kidnapped by someone who thinks he is the Gardener. As Wren and her friends race against time to find her father and stop Red Rose before it’s too late, Noah encounters a mysterious woman who wants to kill him, but suddenly changes her mind. Wren reaches her father’s kidnapper before her friends and overpowers him during a fight, killing him in the heat of the moment. Meanwhile, to prevent escalation, Noah asks Jaya to shut down Red Rose, even though she destroys all the evidence surrounding the heinous crimes of the developers and viewers.

towards the climax of Netflix sci-fi TV show, all seems to end well until Jaya meets a mysterious woman who spares Noah. When Jaya teases her that the Gardener is dead, she replies, “SHE IS?,” points out that she is Gardner. The woman then reveals that she only spared Noah and to spice things up, she deliberately took them to Wren’s father’s kidnapper. She knew that Wren, like Wren’s father, Rick, could be violent. .She reveals how she controlled the story of Wren and her friends, proving that she lost the battle but won the war.

Given that the woman never openly admits to being the Gardener and only refers to him in the third person, it’s possible that she’s also just a pawn in the Gardener’s game. Because of this, Season 2 of the Netflix show could easily recast someone else as the gardener. Even his motives seem mysterious, but he comes across as a typical pervert who just wants to watch the world burn.

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Why Rick Was Arrested at the End of Red Rose

At the end of Red Rose, Rick is arrested

Unfortunately, Rick faces the consequences of Ren’s actions as Jaya erases all evidence of Red Rose’s existence. She takes the blame for the murder of a man previously thought to be the Gardener, and in turn saves her daughter from being charged with murder. In the end, Rick’s arrest further confirms that the Gardener’s plan worked out as he had hoped.

Did Jaya delete the Red Rose

Jaya Mahajan in Red Rose

Jaya (played by Ashna Rabheru The cast of the Netflix movie Sexual education) may have erased all traces of the red rose. However, given his coding skills and ability to think ahead of the curve, he may have saved some evidence to protect himself and his friends from Gardner in the future. Even though Jaya has destroyed the Red Rose, the Gardener seems to have no intention of stopping, as he proudly tells Jaya.the thought cannot be erased.

What to Expect from Red Rose Season 2

End of the Red Rose Tokyo, Japan

The gardener’s last warning to Jaya comes true when an unsuspecting young man in Tokyo receives a mysterious link on his phone. The link will take him to Red Rose’s download page, where the show’s credits will start rolling before the download. This final scene from Season 1 of the show confirms that Red Rose is alive and targeting a new group of youth. If Netflix renews the horror series for a season 2, the show will pick up where season 2 left off and reveal the experiences of a new roster of young characters experiencing the horrors of technology.

Using this setting, Red rose Season 2 may also feature Season 1 characters as digital vigilantes who set out to help victims of the app escape Red Rose’s web of lies and slander. At the same time, the observation can also reveal more details about the Gardener’s personality, his origin story, and his true motives. By digging deeper into the Season 1 references to the American J-horror remake, Ring, Red rose Season 2 may also bring a supernatural twist to the portrayal of modern technophobia.

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