Rebel Moon star Corey Stoll explains how Zack Snyder is an “actor’s director,” praising the director for his dedication and passion.

Rebel Moon Star Corey Stoll has nothing but praise for director Zack director“. Scheduled to be released by Netflix this December, Snyder’s story Rebel Moon originally started as an idea for a Star Wars a film he once pitched to Lucasfilm. Snyder’s broad concept for the property, which was once supposed to be one film, inevitably led to it being split into two films.

Recently, Stoll also appeared Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniatalked to Collider on Snyder’s work on the upcoming sci-fi epic. “The cast and crew of the filmhe would go to the ends of the earth for her”, he was full of praise for the director’s work ethic, passion and ability to approach people. This latest testimony follows similar comments made by a colleague of Stoll’s Rebel Moon starring Cleopatra Coleman. Check out Stoll’s own comments below:

He is in the trenches with everyone else. Once you enter his set, you get the feeling that everyone, cast and crew, would go to the ends of the earth for him as he works in the dusty, 110 degree desert, at crazy hours. he has a smile on his face and so it’s a real joy to see something working on this scale, but with all the playfulness and passion he has.

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Will Rebel Moon Become Netflix’s Next Big Franchise?

Rebel Moon production art

Perhaps best known for his role in the early days of the DC Universe, Snyder is no stranger to working on expansive franchises. However, recently Justice League the director is busy creating his own cinematic universe for Netflix. Starting with him Movie about zombies 2021 Army of the Deadthe filmmaker would later continue to expand his burgeoning franchise with a live-action prequel. Army of thieves and an animated series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. Snyder also confirmed the sequel, planet of the dead, moves forward after finishing work Rebel Moon.

Snyder already has big plans for himself Army of the Dead movie world, it seems Rebel Moon also ready for potential expansions. Originally based on Akira Kurosawa and his works Star Wars franchise, Snyder’s upcoming space opera has already been split into two parts. Still, it has the potential to herald additional series and spinoffs. Already benefiting from the popularity of Disney+ the Star Wars brand with many spinoffs of its own Rebel Moon the universe might even level the playing field for Netflix.

But the big question is whether Snyder’s space opera can be seen as something else. just a Star Wars cloning. Although the film’s roots are inextricably linked to the work of George Lucas, Synder has to prove that his world-building skills allow it. Rebel Moon stand up However, if the actor’s confidence in his abilities is any indication, sci-fi audiences are in for a treat.

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