HBO The end of us may have finished its first season a few months ago, but its impact has been long-lasting and anticipation is already building feverishly. second and possibly third payment from the series. The sheer quality of its debut season influenced pop culture in a way that hasn’t been seen since Game of Thrones from the network. One of the main reasons for this is due to characterization. Given the opportunity to follow characters outside of the linear path of a video game story made it possible to study the characters more deeply and motivations, and ultimately creating a third dimension for “side characters” who come and go as you level up and protect your weapons before moving on to the next area of ​​the game.


Part 3, written by the author Craig Mazin and has the right “A long, long time”was a masterpiece — and now you can have the look off-screen, too Submission deadline; termination period‘s series, “It Begins on the Page,” will showcase a number of scripts competing for the 2023 Emmys. The feature-length episode brought together the characters Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett).

In the video game Joel (played by Troy Baker in the game and Pedro Pascal in the series) and Ellie (Ashley Johnson/Bella Ramsay) Ask Bill for help to get Ellie across America. Bill is a curmudgeon, a hapless man with very little depth, and reluctantly helps them. We’re told, without elaborating, that he “had a partner,” and we later find out that Frank walked out on her before biting and hanging himself. Bill is angry and shows little emotion.

Nick Offerman as Bill and Murray Bartlett as Frank
Image via HBO

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Giving Joel the push he needed

The series has this little detail, this little conceit, and greatly expanded to present a beautiful, decade-long love story between two men who find each other when all hope is lost. The episode reaches its tragic end when Frank decides that another kind of disease—a form of motor neuron disorder—makes life not worth living in its current form, and so. Bill decided that life was not worth living without him.

The couple leave everything they have to Joel, who picks up Ellie while he’s passing through town, and Bill leaves Joel a note saying that life is worth living when he’s the one you’re meant to be with. expresses confidence. This small change gives Joel the push he needs to continue with Ellie.

The episode increased HBO’s viewership by 12 percent, many critics call the episode one of the greatest in television history. It showed that the medium of television can sometimes be unmatched in its ability to tell a story visually and at length. If all goes well, Mazin, Offerman, and Bartlett may receive an award for outstanding work — some of the best in their careers – they put it out there for viewers at home.

You can ..; you can… Read the full script for The end of us Episode 103 – “A Long Time” by Craig Mazin.