“We promised things would be bigger and better than ever. And we didn’t lie.”

Prime Video’s most popular action drama Reacher has wrapped production on Season 2, the streamer announced on Twitter. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the second season, which began filming last September. Based on best sellers Jack Reacher novels by Lee boy The series was an instant hit with fans after its debut and a second season was announced very quickly after that.

Streamer, in a short clip posted by the actor Alan Ritchson can be seen in it Reacher suit with blood on the face. Announcing the wrap, he says, “I just came to the offset. Reacher season 2, final scene done. As you can see, things got a little crazy. We promise that things will be bigger and better than ever. And we didn’t lie.” Then he looked at the giant board and said, “We’re going to do it Reacher It’s time to close the season,” he said as he clapped on the giant board. “It’s officially over. Season 2 is back, bigger and better than ever. We made a promise and the proof is in the pudding.”


The first season was based on the book Killing Floorthe lead actor previously teased that it would be based on the latter Bad luck and trouble, the eleventh title in the book series. The Bachelorette season saw Ritchson as an ex-military cop who uses his skills to take down bad guys ranging from corrupt cops to greedy businessmen, but season two sees him return for revenge. Expect Reacher to investigate the deaths of friends from his old military unit this season. Last December, talked to ColliderHead of Amazon Studios Television Vernon Sanders, teased fans can expect the season to drop sometime this year. He revealed,

“It’s going really well. Alan’s back and he’s doing a great job. I’m so proud of the way the producers fit into Reacher. Reacher fans of the book, their reaction to the show has just been amazing. Season 2 is amazing. As great as the first season was , I think season two will deliver even more, and I think there’s a good chance the show will return next year.”

Alan Ritchson
Image via Prime Video

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Who is there? Reacher Season 2?

Along with the regular cast Luke Blick, Dean McKenzie, Edsson Morales, Andres Collantes, Shannon Cook-Chun, Ty Victor Olssonand Josh Blackerthe second season added a number of new stars to its roster as well as some guest stars. Serinda Swan, Ferdinand Kingsley, Shaun Siposalong with Rory Cochrane and guest star Domenick Lombardozzi everything will be seen in the new season.

All episodes Reacher Season 1 is available to stream on Prime Video. You can check out the wrapped announcement below: