Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Launching today at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, the Roblox Developer Conference (RDC) brings together thousands of top 3D artists, programmers, builders and content creators in person and virtually. gilded— forge connections and discover new ways to achieve success.

RDC is also a great time to share the key technological innovations we are building right now. As we accelerate our vision to reimagine how people come together, we are constantly striving to unlock new creative, social and entrepreneurial opportunities for our global community by advancing our technology while always maintaining our fundamental commitment to the security and privacy of our users. .

Basic moments:

Making Meaningful Connections

As our community continues to grow rapidly, reaching 58.5 million daily active users in over 180 countries, one of the priorities is to provide deeper, more meaningful, more natural, and more engaging forms of communication and communication.

One example is to make Roblox chat more dynamic so that it functions similar to how we communicate in the physical world. Now people aged 13 and over can talk to each other in voice applications. This feature is designed to simulate personal conversations and is therefore based on the proximity of the avatars to each other – this means that you can whisper to a nearby friend or raise your voice to carry him around the room. Since the rollout of this feature, voice has been enabled in nearly a million applications.

Space Voice in Roblox

And next year, people will also be able to use their webcams to express themselves in real time through their avatars. Your camera automatically captures your facial movements as you speak, so your avatar can express your feelings, adding a new level of immersion and connection.

Later this year, knowing how much more fun it is to play Roblox with friends, we’ll be adding a new, easier way for people to find people they know on Roblox. This feature, which you agree to and can return to at any time, will use phone contacts to connect and recommend friends.

Enabling creativity through self-expression

Avatars allow people to creatively express themselves and their personalities, and we’re committed to continuing to support this beyond just socializing. Millions of people come to the Marketplace every day to experiment with new looks and try on different looks—sometimes even multiple times a day. With the launch layered clothing In April, we took self-expression to the next level by giving people even more ways to show off their style. To date, one hundred and fifteen million people have tried layered clothing.

The next thing we have planned is to give the avatars a more accurate human expression. In the coming weeks we will release facial animation on the Marketplace, which allows users to create avatars to convey a wide range of expressions that best suit your mood and better reflect emotions and gestures.

At RDC we showcase our Animation capture tools for bodies and faces, now available in Developer Studio for beta testing. The tools use our new machine learning models to significantly reduce the time and resources required to create high quality full body and face animations. By simply using their device’s camera, anyone can create professional avatar animations in minutes.

Construction tools to create

Creation on Roblox often involves large teams working together seamlessly on mega-scale projects. To better support this coordination, we have made a number of improvements to Studio, our free software for designing and publishing 3D content on Roblox. Now the studio has updated lookand we’ve updated the interface with new features that allow creators to customize the layout of their workspace and collaborate with teammates with just one click.

Refresh studio GIF

We have also added several new features to Cloud including Place of publication, Data warehousesas well as Interserver messaging. With the Cloud, our vision is to allow developers to programmatically access all of their Roblox assets through an API. Opening up our cloud with these APIs will create a rich ecosystem of tools that enhance and provide incredible customization for writer workflows.

Providing an engine for a high quality 3D experience

We define a great engine as having four key characteristics: it’s fast; it is reliable; it provides the features developers need to bring their fantasies to life; and it simplifies simple things and makes complex things possible. Our engine has always been designed with these features in mind, and over the past year we have made significant strides to make it even better.

We’ve improved performance so developers can create bigger, more immersive worlds without sacrificing framerate or stability. The major release was parallel scriptingwhich allows our luau language perform many world calculations simultaneously rather than sequentially.

Our material system has also received a huge boost in capabilities. We have updated our material library so with one click, developers can apply materials that look fantastic right out of the box with our new lighting system. These updates also bring enhanced features to custom materials, making it easy for developers to create unique visual styles for their experience.

And we are going to fully release our CSG system (constructive solid geometry) in real time. This will allow developers to create complex modeling tools in experience. For example, they can build a real-time lathe to create a unique virtual woodwork.

Grow Your Community

We are lucky to have such a dynamic ecosystem of developers and creators from all over the world bringing incredible 3D experiences to Roblox every day. To help them connect with a global audience of people who will appreciate their content, we’ve focused on innovation in a number of key areas.

The first is Discovery. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to find the perfect experience for them. We use signals like engagement, retention, and monetization to personalize the recommendations we show, and we’re constantly investing in bringing new experiences to their audience. For example, as of July 31, 2022, roughly over 6% of the top 150 games on Roblox were made in the last 90 days. We look forward to continuing to invest in Discovery for many years to come, applying more real-time signals to the model.

Additionally, to support experience discovery, we will soon be introducing an Experience Guide that offers age recommendations in Roblox. The Experience Guide is designed to help users and their parents continue to make informed decisions about the content they interact with on the platform. Age recommendations are based on child development research and are based on industry standards. Parents will be able to use parental controls that limit account access based on these age guidelines, ultimately deciding and managing what is right for their children.

Promoting a vibrant economy

Our platform opens up huge economic opportunities: 2.7 million people earned Robux from their creations in June 2022 and over $580 million in developer payouts through Developer Exchange during the twelve months ended June 30, 2022. We are now giving our community more ways to make money on Roblox through immersive ads and the Marketplace.

Knowing that advertising will naturally exist in the metaverse as well as in other areas of people’s lives, we plan to launch immersive advertising next year. This is an innovative 3D advertising experience that will be clearly labeled as such and native to the platform. Both brands and developers will be able to create never-before-seen advertising opportunities in Roblox, including portals that can seamlessly move users between events. This will create new opportunities for developers to generate income and allow brands to work more effectively with their communities.

Another important area is Marketplace, which is rapidly expanding to become completely custom, with 90% of the avatars currently owned by the community. In the coming months, we will be introducing new mechanics to our community to build a sustainable business, including giving creators full control over their item shortages and allowing all users to resell or trade items. With these systems in place, we envision a future where all products are in limited supply and everyone can find what they like in a marketplace personalized to them.

Every announcement we make on this RDC is tied to the original vision of David and his co-founder Eric Kassel when they founded Roblox over fifteen years ago. We are steadily moving towards an even more exciting future where billions of people come together to connect, create and express themselves in the most creative ways. Through continuous innovation, including in our avatar technology, our engine and our virtual economy, we continue to make progress in realizing our vision of reimagining how people come together.

This world belongs to us and we create it together. The future will not be built by us at Roblox, but by all of us as one global community.

We are grateful and excited to continue this journey with all of you. We look forward to the many thoughtful, inspiring talks that will take place at RDC this weekend and beyond..

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