Boots from the movie Mario
Image: Nintendo / Illumination

Friends, now we have seen the final trailer The movie “Super Mario Brothers”., what did you think? Not many surprises, right? You know what was a surprise? Recently, it was revealed that a replica of Mario’s boots from the movie will soon appear in the Nintendo Store in New York. Model. Mario boots.

After publishing the final trailer and seeing the classic forced interaction of the main actors, Miyamoto made a surprise announcement that a promo for the new film in the form of Mario boots will appear in a store in New York. If you’re in the area, you can pop in and see them from tomorrow (March 10th), after all, what better way to celebrate MAR10 Day?

Whether it’s Miyamoto himself calling it “just one thing to share” or the next glitch in scaling Mario’s animated boots, we couldn’t help but find the WTF factor in it all. fun And here we expected “one more thing” to be a new game – phew, a bunch of dreamers…

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