Quentin Tarantino reveals the fate of one Once upon a time in Hollywood character three years after the film’s release. Set in 1969, Tarantino’s ninth film (by his reckoning) served as a love letter to the Los Angeles of the director’s youth, but also as an homage to Hollywood’s end-of-the-old era. took time. the studio system and the beginning of a more dynamic era known as New Hollywood. Tarantino’s 1969 Hollywood picture centers on Rick Dalton, forced to play Leonardo DiCaprio’s TV roles, struggling with self-doubt as an actor, but a quirky character in the film. the film’s shockingly violent finale.


Now three years later Once upon a time in Hollywood presented Dalton and his hilarious fake filmography, Tarantino as revealed in the director’s tweet, killing the character completely Video archives podcast. “We are saddened to hear of the passing of Rick Dalton, actor known for his roles in the Bounty Law series and the Switcher trilogy.“, the post says. The tweet revealed that Dalton is survived by his wife, Francesca OUATIH Fans remember that the Italian star Rick met while filming films abroad. Another tweet revealed a Rick Dalton tribute episode Video archives drops next tuesday.

Rick Dalton was Tarantino’s homage to Hollywood’s lesser-known leading men

Rick Dalton on Hullabaloo

Several real Hollywood leading men served as a source of inspiration DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton hero, the main of which is Ralph Meeker, a tough actor who starred in film noir classics. kiss me dead. Other leaders who inspired Tarantino in the 1960s include Ty Hardin, Tab Hunter, George Maharis, Vince Edwards, Fabian Forte, William Shatner and Edd Burns.

In addition to being actors that Tarantino personally liked, these performers shared a similar career path, establishing themselves in films before falling on hard times and having to seek work on television or in European films, like Rick Dalton. . And Tarantino makes funny jokes at Dalton’s expense Once upon a time in Hollywood, they are always affectionate jokes. The film depicts Dalton’s struggles, most notably in the famous scene where he forgets his lines and melts down in the dressing room while filming a TV Western (quoted from the scene) Michael J. Fox in a recent interview, he recalled his struggles after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease), especially poignant.

People who liked DiCaprio’s portrayal of Rick Dalton Once upon a time in Hollywood Might want to check out Tarantino Video archives tune in to Tuesday’s episode of the podcast and see what’s in store as the director pays homage to the character he created to pay homage to his favorite old movie actors.

Source: Video Archives/Twitter