Hello Wayfinders! We’re very excited to partner with PlayStation to bring Wayfinder exclusively to Early Access on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The first season of Early Access will begin in May 2023, and our Founders Pack comes with it. Want to jump into the world of Evenor before then? Our next beta test starts on February 28th, 2023 for PS5 players, and our last closed playtest is in March for PS4 and PS5, so make sure you sign up on the official Wayfinder website for your chance to participate.

Wayfinder: PS4 and PS5 players get exclusive early access to character-driven online role-playing game in May

If you missed our reveal at The Game Awards, let’s get you up to speed! Wayfinder is an online action role-playing game that takes place in a shared online world we call Evenor. Evenor has been destroyed by a destructive and chaotic force called Morok, and you must use the power of the Offroader to control Chaos. You will join forces with friends to strengthen your powers and embark on endless adventures, discovering Evenor, the Lost Zones and resources to create new items, weapons and Paths.

Caption: A photo montage of just some of the different locations in the game.

Your game begins by selecting Wayfinder. Once you’ve found one that suits your playstyle, you’re ready to embark on your journey against Moroku, a mysterious force that has brought corruption and chaos to the world.

Caption: A photo montage of just some of the different locations in the game.

The adventure begins in the Skylight, the game’s social space and Evenor’s last Beacon of Hope. Here, you’ll be able to recruit other players, visit your apartment, and craft new gear and pathfinders you’ve rescued from the dark to play with for your onward journey.

After leaving the Skylight, you’ll quickly encounter public events and world bosses waiting to be taken down. The highlands are a large area of ​​open space filled with other Wayfinders. You’ll make new friends as you complete quests, fight world bosses, and collect resources.

Caption: A panorama of the Skylight, the game’s central hub for upgrading equipment and meeting players.

In the Highlands, you’ll find entrances to Lost Zones, dungeon-like areas that can be explored with three Wayfinders. These Lost Zones feature randomized layouts, enemies, monsters, events, and loot! No two expeditions to the Lost Zones are alike. You’ll customize your experience playing with mutators to change the adventures, challenges, and rewards you find.

Caption: An example of mutators in action.

We will be releasing content in seasons, with Early Access starting in May, consisting of two separate seasons. Each season will last approximately three months and include a variety of new features such as characters, weapons, and even locations.

More than Wayfinders and weapons will be available with each season. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore new events set in the highlands and other open environments, overcome new challenges in Lost Zone expeditions, face new dangerous enemies in every corner of Morok, and immerse yourself in a rich story between characters and players alike.

Caption: Example gameplay.

You can unlock early access through our Founder’s Pack program starting in May. The Founder’s Pack program is our way of collecting the final building blocks of the game in collaboration with our most loyal supporters and rewarding them not only with early access to the game, but also with unique and valuable items that can never be obtained again in-game. Multiple levels will be available, each with exclusive cosmetics, pets, mounts, and more. Look for even more details on this and early access as we head into spring!

In the meantime, sign up for Wayfinder’s free closed beta at www.playwayfinder.com/Betasignup will take place on February 28, 2023. We can’t wait to see you at Evenor!

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