Tens of thousands of protesters have once again taken to the streets across Israel to protest the legal reform proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

Protesters blocked one of the roads leading to one of Tel Aviv’s main airports, prompting Netanyahu, who had planned to leave on an official visit to Rome, to be airlifted out by helicopter.

The massive protests in Israel against the judicial reform promoted by Benjamin Netanyahu’s new right-wing government are expanding every week to new sectors of society and already include important leaders of culture, economy, justice and even the army.

Netanyahu and his allies say the measures are aimed at reining in a court that has exceeded its authority. Critics say the overhaul will upset the country’s delicate system of checks and balances and undermine the Supreme Court’s oversight role.

What began as isolated demonstrations in liberal and combative Tel Aviv has grown into a massive protest movement that has attracted tens of thousands of demonstrators from nearly the entire country every week.

The last one, on Saturday, brought together more than 250,000 people across the country – 160,000 in Tel Aviv alone – and this Thursday will see new protests aimed at paralyzing the country, with participants chanting “democracy” and “no to dictatorship” . .”

According to a recent poll, 66% of Israelis oppose the government’s plans to reform the judiciary.