This may not be your first turn-based combat rodeo, but Honkai: Star Rail offers a unique gameplay experience and special mechanics that you would only find if you spent hours roaming outside of the Astral Express. You might not even realize the joy of engaging in battle at twice the speed because the buttons are small.

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If this is your first turn-based combat RPG, there are some things you’ll want to pay attention to in order to make your team stronger. From combat to exploration mechanics you shouldn’t miss, here are some tricks that will make the game more enjoyable.



10 Overfarming for relics below level 40 Trailblaze is optional

Honkai: Star Rail - Clara's character screen showing her relics and decorations

It’s true that relics make your characters stronger, but that’s not what you need to focus on before you hit Trailblaze level 40. The last thing you want to do is use your fuel supply to farm three or four star rare relics that are doomed to be scrapped much later in the game.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t farm them later, but do so when you unlock five-star relics. At the lower levels of Trailblaze, you should focus on leveling up the characters you like to use.

9 Path resonance is key in the simulated universe

Honkai Star Rail Herta with simulated universe

You can choose certain Paths in the Simulated Universe (or as Hertha calls it, the Metaverse), but you will only have a Resonance Formation when you choose a blessing from the same Path six times. So you might be tempted to get a random golden blessing from another Path, but you’ll want to reconsider if you haven’t reached Resonance Formation yet.

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Constantly choosing blessings will help increase your damage or give you combat advantages, depending on your chosen Path and Resonance Formation. Knowing this will make it easier for you to play the amazing VR of this game.

8 You won’t need many merchants

Honkai: Star Rail Team consisting of Seele, Sampo, Serval and Gepard

A common mistake people make is thinking that every move should deal damage. Each character on your team serves a different purpose. This can be breaking shields, providing buffs for the team, weakening enemies, or just dealing the most damage. You may need different types of combat, as different enemies often require different items to break their shields.

With that in mind, you should create different types of characters so that you can fight your enemies effectively. If you don’t know what four star characters to create or if you are not sure how your newly acquired five star character is doing so far you are still in the early stages of the game so play to figure it out.

7 Attack warp trotters

Honkai's Warp Trotter: Star Rail

They can be charming and cowardly creatures, and they sure run away like wild boars Genshin Impact without gross damage. But you should definitely hunt down these warp trotters because they offer Star Jade as a reward for defeating them.

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You might feel a little guilty for attacking these pleasant anomalies, but you’ll thank yourself later, especially if you’re short on star jade for your gacha. Appearances can be deceiving as they are tough creatures that can run away from you if you don’t kill them fast enough.

6 Some characters are better at breaking shields than others

Honkai Star Rail Asta Idle Animation In Belobog

You saw the symbols on the top of the enemy’s head, so you decided to use your character’s skills because they fit the type of combat elements perfectly. But some characters impress more with their skill or burst than others, and knowing which characters do the trick will save you turns and help you hit burst much faster.

This is why experimenting with who you have and who you can pull out is critical early on, but why experiment when we have full guide here?

5 Speed ​​is important

Asta's Ultimate in Honkai: Star Rail

When you first came across the concept of SPD in this game, you probably thought, does this make my party attack enemies faster? Sort of, but not in the way you think. Speed ​​determines which member of your team attacks first, which can make or break your battle against opponents ahead.

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The number of actions your character takes can affect your moves, and this becomes crucial when you’re trying to break shields and you have the right character for the job.

4 Secret society

Mysterious Telephone Booth in Beloboza from Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail never misses a beat in its dialogue, and interacting with random objects can spawn the strangest story. Somewhere on the outskirts of Bilobog there is a phone booth that you can go into. If you decide to enter this mysterious phone booth, you will be introduced to a conversation with a secret society.

How to get into this secret society? Probably because of a random call and sobbing. All you have to do is walk into that phone booth and let your curiosity get the better of you.

3 One man’s garbage is another man’s pleasant-looking garbage

Precious junk from Honkai: Star Rail

Everyone knows about the trailblazer’s love affair with Bilobog’s garbage cans, and it’s been the subject of jokes and memes since the game’s release. But what you may not know is that not all trash is created equal. Most of the junk you retrieve during dumpster dives is just junk that can reduce your team’s health by a point.

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But dig long and hard and you’ll come across some nice-looking junk. This rare item will help you recover four points of technique, which can come in handy before you enter battle.

2 Relive your Narnia fantasies

Stella looks at the Grand Goethe Hotel Closet from Honkai: Star Rail

Have you ever dreamed of entering another world full of magic through a closet? They probably all were when Narnia came out, and this game lets you do just that when you stay at the Grand Goethe Hotel. Will you find lions and endless snow? You will find something better than all this.

You will realize how powerful Celus and Stella are, able to dispel a terrible legend in the hotel, or they will completely play with your imagination. This interaction proves that you should interact with the environment as much as possible, even if the street lights in this game call you to do so.

1 A magical toilet

Stella from Honkai: Star Rail is sitting on a teleported toilet

You rarely find toilets in video games, but when you do, very few are as interesting as this toilet. On the space station Herta, a lonely toilet can be found in an inconspicuous place. It’s not a toilet, so you’ll naturally be curious to see a random toilet in a dark corner.

Sit on it and you’ll experience something you’ve never experienced with a toilet before, literally. We won’t spoil what it is, so you’ll have to find out for yourself. You can thank us later.

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