Behavior Interactive has announced that it is opening pre-registration for the new, updated version of Dead by Daylight for mobile devices. For those who don’t know Dead in daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where four survivors face off against one killer. It was later ported to mobile devices in 2020 by NetEase Games.

Check out the trailer for Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter, Tools of Torment, here.

The mobile version of the game was released just three years ago for free, and it has certainly been popular, accumulating millions of downloads since then. Still, there’s no denying that Dead by Daylight’s mobile experience feels lackluster compared to consoles and PC.

Having logged several hundred hours into the game on both PC and Nintendo Switch, my personal experience with Dead by Daylight on mobile has been poor. The game looks bad, it’s slow, and it seems impossible to complete those endless chase sequences, but I can’t say I wasn’t expecting that. However, an updated version of the mobile game will be launched March 15, with advance registration available. After the overhaul, the mobile version of Dead by Daylight may seem more user-friendly.

Those who pre-register for the updated mobile version of Dead by Daylight will receive free rewards when global milestones are reached and will also be entered into a drawing for physical prizes.

Prize draw winners will receive premium 1/6 scale figurines based on the Ghost, Trapper, and Wraith slayers. Additionally, if Dead by Daylight mobile reaches 1 million registered users, all players will receive 20 Ominous Stones, 10,000 Rainbow Shards, and 150,000 Blood Points in the game.

As for the new version of Dead by Daylight Mobile, players can expect a number of graphical improvements. Clothes and hair will now have physics, dynamic shading and lighting will be introduced, and a complete visual overhaul of every character and map will be integrated.

In addition, the controls will be improved, and various bugs will be fixed and the quality of life will be improved. Behavior Interactive also plans to add new character cosmetics, more social features, and The Rift.

The Rift is present in the PC and console versions of Dead by Daylight and is a cosmetic season pass for players. This Rift Pass will now be added to Dead by Daylight Mobile, so players can earn free rewards and level up.

If you are looking for To pre-register for Dead by Daylight Mobile, visit the event page. Will you try a revamped mobile game or settle for another platform? Let us know.