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For beginners, Potion Craft may seem like a quirky game about stirring pots, chopping herbs, and selling healthy potions. And of course, this game is charmingly illustrated and a pleasure to play, but underneath the surface lies something smarter. Puzzle, management game with a complex and unique crafting system.

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None of those fun crafting systems like “choose the right combination of itemsInstead, your brewing is more like exploring a dungeon while your adventurer is hungry and drunk. As you advance in Potion Craft you will need more skill and you will have to use all the different systems to be successful.


6 Skillfully use the water spout

The humble water spout has a quiet introduction, you can learn what it does – it dilutes your beer and moves the bottle marker back to the starting point on the map – but you’re not told how useful it is.

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Beginners might think that if you didn’t make a mistake and don’t need to go back, you won’t need to use it, right? Not really, in fact, the best players use water as a way to improve their potion accuracy, and sometimes as a way to maneuver into tight spaces (I’m looking at you, the necromancy potion labyrinth).

5 Brew potions of the third level

Beginners might not even be aware of the existence of tier 3 potions, as they are damn hard to make. You may know that the second level is achieved by carefully moving the bottle along the contour of the potion, which can be tricky. Create a third level? Yes, you have to perfectly fit the bottle into the outline, a task that often wastes a lot of herbs and mushrooms.

This is if you do not use a spout for water. If you plan your path so that you go outside the potion outline, you can pour water to accurately place the bottle inside the outline and get the potion of the third level. Then the question arises, are they worth the effort and resources expended? In fact, they are absolutely essential when it comes to the late game. The first level can get you twenty gold, the second level can be sixty, but the third level? Hundreds of gold!

four Bargain endlessly

The bidding mini-game is fairly minor and completely optional, and when you trade tier one potions, you only get a couple of extra gold. This may lead you to believe that it is not worth the effort; and for potions of the first level – no. When you start doing the second and hopefully the third level, you will realize how valuable it is. In fact, with a tier three potion, you’ll earn hundreds of extra gold if you can bargain well.

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So how do you bargain? The instructions tell you to click the icon to tip the balance in your favor, and avoid clicking when the pointer is not on anything. What isn’t said is that the scales are constantly tipping against you and you have to quickly click a lot of icons and then click the green icon while the client’s scale is littered with treasure. In addition, you can use talent points to improve the trade bonus. Don’t worry if this familiar, potion-loving witcher gets a rough deal, no matter how many doubloons he spends on a sore throat cure, you’ll lose a maximum of one reputation point.

3 Stay away from reputation reducers

Reputation is a little system in Potion Craft: Give the potions people need and they will pay more next time. In fact, if you fulfill most requests, you won’t have reputation issues unless you sell to the wrong person. A person who wants to poison… well, he won’t tell you, or a murderer looking for poison – In your blind love for discoverers, you can ignore the severity of these requirements, but if you do, your reputation will suffer greatly.

And if your reputation drops too low, you’ll be paid less and you’ll even have the opportunity to bargain with a recalled client. But if you’ve fallen to the depths of undesirability, don’t be afraid. You can still beat the game with a bad reputation and have a chance to get back to good reputation – as long as you avoid the killer (and sell necromancy potions).

2 Always buy minerals

Once you get far enough, you will start to see minerals such as Cloud Crystal being sold by merchants. If you have gold, buy it! Unlike any other ingredient, minerals allow your bottle to teleport across the map, meaning you can travel to new areas. Like the other ingredients, they follow the elemental directions of the game; fire, frost, earth and cloud (there is also a blood ruby ​​that acts as a diagonal left).

In the later chapters, minerals are needed to make more difficult potions, so stock up and expect to grind a lot of them. There is a funny detail when you have to break up the minerals with a pestle before grinding.

one Make different types of potions

High level potions are not the only way to make more money from your customers. A client will always pay more for a potion they want if it has an additional, acceptable effect – using this correctly, you can double the gold you get from selling. The question then becomes, which effects work well together? Frost and healing unfortunately don’t heal, even a cold beer brewer won’t heal in his beer. But an explosive potion with extra light? Ideal.

You can hit or miss looking for combinations that work, but usually a little common sense will get you through it and you’ll be making some decent profits in no time.

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