The owner of the farm says that two-month-old Moon will be alone and cold at night, crying for his mother.

Police in England are hunting thieves who stole a colt from a farm in Hampshire.

Two-month-old Moon was taken from Miller’s Ark Animals in Hook, Hampshire, on Monday and remains missing. Devastated staff say they are concerned for her safety and that she needs to be with her mother.

The farm’s owner, Elizabeth Miller, told Euronews “it’s hard to feel optimistic.”

She added: “She’s so young she’s going to miss her mother and her milk. We hope the person who took her understands that, and we have to hope she’s taken care of.”

Elizabeth pleaded with the person to return the colt to the farm.

In a Facebook post when the theft first took place, the farm said: “Sadly this afternoon at Miller’s Ark little Moon has been stolen from the field.

“We are absolutely devastated and incredibly worried, she was only born at the beginning of March and needs to be with her mum.

“This little donkey will cry loudly tonight because she will miss her mother very much.

“This is our chance to find her.

“If you or someone you know took her, please return her to the farm tonight, so she can go back with her mother who is very distressed.”

“Please help Moon, her mom, and Miller’s ark… (Moon also needs her little coats on).”

The farm has asked anyone with information to contact the police.