This Leeds Fans confronting Newcastle manager Eddie Howe A 2-2 Premier League tie late Saturday was accused of assault by West Yorkshire. Police.

Leeds handed a lifetime ban to fans who came down from the stands. Elland Road and Howe entered the technical area before being quickly taken away.

West Yorkshire Police He confirmed that the man had been charged with assault and will appear in court in July.

A police statement said: “Police have accused a man of assault and entering the field of play following an incident that occurred yesterday at the Elland Road football stadium during the Leeds United vs Newcastle United football match.

“He was released on bail to appear before a judge on July 21.”

While Howe says he was not injured during the incident, he sees it as a wake-up call for the game.

“I can’t remember if he actually pushed me, I have no idea. It’s weird because you’re concentrating on the game and you don’t expect that to happen,” Howe said.

“She confronted me, said something I can’t repeat, and then was taken away. I am good.

“I don’t know if I had time to be scared because it was over in an instant, but I’m definitely ‘what if?’ it makes you think.

“Anyone trying to play a sport we love and entertain the country should not have to face it, no one should feel that their personal safety has been violated. It’s something we need to think about.”