Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Like Gigantamax and Mega Evolutions before it, Terastallization can grant Scarlet and Violet players’ Pokémon a temporary but powerful buff.

Although little has changed in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, the games bring a few notable changes to the series’ tried and tested formula. One of the biggest additions to the game includes something called the Terastal Phenomenon, which can make Pokémon’s STAB moves significantly more powerful than they would otherwise be.

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All Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple able to terastallize, although players will need to recharge this ability by visiting the Pokémon Center after each use. Accessing the Tera type of Pokémon isn’t something players will be able to do right away, although they won’t have to wait too long before unlocking the ability to do so.

How to Terastallize in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


In order to be able to Terastallize, Pokémon Scarlet and Purple players will first need to get to the Naranja Academy. Upon arriving at the gate, they will see Terastallization for the first time during the battle with Nemona, and she will promise to teach them how to do it for themselves when the battle is over.

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Once through the gate, players must look around and then head up the stairs to the school, where they will encounter a couple of grunts from Team Star. Once they defeat the first one, Nemon will appear and give them a Tera Orb, which is a special item needed to turn Pokémon into Terastallize.


Players will then be thrown into combat with another Team Star grunt and shown how to Terastallize with the Tera Orb. To do this, players simply need to press the R button or hover over TERASTALLIZE! to the left of the Pokémon’s moves, and then press the A button to turn Terastallize on or off.


The icon above the caption will inform players of their active Pokémon’s Tera type if they don’t already know it, allowing them to choose the move that will maximize Terastallization. After choosing the right type of move, players will see a smooth animation and attack power will be increased.


Unfortunately, Tera Orb will need to recharge between uses, so players will need to think carefully about when they use it and on which Pokemon. To recharge Tera Orb, players simply need to visit a Pokémon Center and heal or sleep in bed, so they should make sure to do this whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple are already available for Nintendo Switch.