After the reveal of the DLC, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players notice a subtle hint in the game long before the announcement.

Following the announcement of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players came across an amazing tease for the content long before it was announced. This week has been exciting for fans of the long-running pokemon franchise as The Pokemon Company held its first presentation in 2023 to reveal new surprises for players. The annual Pokemon Day celebration has brought many updates to the games currently available, such as Pokemon Uniteand also, finally, by demonstrating the expected Pokemon dream.


However, for many fans, the biggest announcement came at the end of the presentation, as it was finally confirmed Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive two new extensions in 2023. Bundled together as Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, Part 1 is called The Teal Mask and takes players on a tour of a new location called Kitikami and introduces the legendary Ogerpon. The second expansion, known as the Indigo Disc, adds a legendary world turtle called Terapagos and takes the students to a new school called Blueberry Academy.

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As exciting as these announcements are for fans Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it seems Game Freak has hidden a not-so-subtle reference to The Teal Mask right in the base game. Funnily enough, players didn’t seem to notice this until the expansion pack was released, turning a simple in-game poster into a clever tease of what was to come. The discovery appears to have been made by a Twitter user named LumiosePost, who shared the find with another pokemon fan known as SoulSilverArt.

Expressing excitement about the opening, screenshots were taken at the location of Treasure Eatery in Medal. Although this area is important for Scarlet and Violet players Medali features a normal-type gym leader, Larry, a poster can be seen in one of the windows of his gym that clearly depicts the marketing design for The Teal Mask DLC. In parts of the real world, you can see a billboard with a green background and 3 types of masks, with a unique inscription on the left.

While both extensions still have some time before they become available, Game Freak also announced a new limited time event, Tera Raid which brings two new and exclusive creatures to both games. For Scarlet players, they will be battling the Water/Dragon Paradox Pokemon known as Walking Wake, an interesting take on the legendary Suicune. For Violet players, they will encounter a Grass/Psychic Paradox Pokemon known as Iron Leaves, which appears to be based on Virizion.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet now available on Nintendo Switch.

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