Fans are pretty sure that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will get DLC, but there is a lot of controversy as to what they will be.

Pokemon Day 2023 will begin on February 27, marking the annual release in Japan in 1996 Pokemon red and Green through ads for all things pokemon. Each topic, starting with the last ones Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to the current Pokemon Unite, may receive major updates. It’s time for pokemon fans to unite around their favorite franchise and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players especially want to hear what The Pokemon Company and Game Freak have in store.


There are various announcements that may occur during this year’s Pokemon Day streamfrom new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon preview title for the upcoming anime reboot. However, news about the future Pokemon Scarlet and Violet feels almost guaranteed. There were many rumors and supposed leaks regarding nature Pokemon Scarlet and Violetthe supposed pre-show DLC for Pokemon Presents.

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Within Scarlet and Violet DLC hints

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Third Legendary Fan Theory

The big question is whether there will be DLC or a third version in the Scarlett and Violet the line-up was mostly fired as almost a decade had passed pokemon departed from the “third version” release format. Many fans are expecting an addition or two like this Pokemon Sword and ShieldIsle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions. The feeling of confidence is fueled Scarlett and Violetlacks postgame and hints throughout the content.

Much of this anticipation is based on the work of the long-dead researcher Heath in the Red or Purple Book. They clearly describe three new legends that are not in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, one of which is considered the source of time travel and terstalization of history. After completing the Paldean Pokedex, players are awarded the Beast Ballwhich seemed like an odd choice considering they’re only effective at catching Ultra Beasts, which aren’t in Generation 9. So Ultra Beasts are likely planned DLC for Scarlett and Violetregardless of what else is added.

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New Pokemon game colors and Paradox forms

Pokemon Scarlet Viol Paradox Suicune Virizion

Members of pokemon the community has theorized that a mysterious third legendary Pokemon will be based on the world turtle, but there is little competition with this concept. That’s according to one detailed theory posted on 4chan and shared by Reddit Scarlett and VioletThe DLC from will be a single add-on called Mirage Magenta, which will be released this November. This will likely take place in the second Great Crater in the northeast corner of the map, where a legendary Water/Dragon-type Pokemon named Maimyu is trapping the tribes of the future and the past to feed on their faith and dreams.

This theory is suspected to be unfounded, with further details claiming that humans and Pokemon have been trapped by Terastallization crystals in the second crater for hundreds of years. In addition, many have doubts about the connection of the name with the purple color. “Pokemon Teal” or “Pokemon Amber” have been put forward as a more likely name to match Pokemon Scarlet and VioletSpanish flag associations. Regardless of the approach, most rumors agree that there will be plenty of new ones Paradox Pokemon in DLCincluding Legendaries from the Red and Violet books, inspired by generations 2 and 5.

Return to Kalos in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Rumors that the Mirage Magenta theory is further debunked Pokemon X and YuThe Kalos region lies in the northeast of Paldea. Kalos is based in France, and it would make sense for it to be separated from the Spanish-inspired Paldea by a mountain range like the Pyrenees. In addition, Kalos is located mainly in the northern part of the region in pokemon the world, leaving room for play to adapt the southern part.

Enough with A large number of Pokemon Kalos in Scarlett and Violet a trio of trainers near the northeastern edge who specialize in Kalos dragon types seem to have put a lot of thought into making this connection. Since this edge of Paldea is also home to several Kalos Pokemon that could cross its mountains, it seems like this theory could easily come true.

To this day, Pokemon X and Yu these are the only games without add-ons or DLC that expand the content. An area directly on the border of Paldea and Kalos could remedy this, including a large network of caves that lead deeper into Area Zero for new Paradox Pokemon. Some rumors even include Nemona’s family or the Kalos character creation of the “Battle Line” object., which will appeal to many fans. There are many directions for DLC Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may be gone, but these rumors have allowed fans to set their expectations and prepare for whatever surprise Pokemon Presents has in store in February 2023.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet now available on Nintendo Switch.

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