One Pokemon fan creates adorable fan art that imagines how Clodsar and Whooper would look in Paper Mario’s art style.

A fan pokemon drew some adorable fan art imagining what Paldi Klodsar and Whopper’s style variants would look like Paper Mario. Although some fans come up with it hypothetical regional variants of Pokemon that didn’t return in Gen 9, others take variants already in the latest games and imagine how they would look in another game to interesting effect.

Although it was never the most popular series published by Nintendo, Paper Mario has still gathered a devoted community due in part to the charm of the previous titles, as well as its unique art style for many of the characters from Super Mario Bros., which makes them and their world appear as if they were created on paper. Since then, there has been no new game in the series Paper Mario: The Origami King in 2020, but that doesn’t mean that fans of this and other properties will be inspired by it and use it for other projects.


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One such fan is TimDrawsStuff on Reddit, and they’ve created an adorable piece pokemon fan art that takes Pallid variants of Clodsar and Whooper and turns them into characters from Paper Mario series Although it’s a simple style, the two Pokemon are not only recognizable from their source material, but also animated with a fun little shake that makes them even more adorable to look at.

This is not the first time that TimDrawsStuff has published this kind of stuff, creating a similar animation for pokemonNacil evolutionary line. Both works are part of a larger project they are undertaking called Paper Paldea, and both have been met with positive reviews. One commenter expressed a general love for most things in the Paper Mario art style, while another stated that he wanted to hug the couple.

Creative fans like TimDrawsStuff offer some of the best pokemon a community where even underappreciated works of art will find love in those who come across them. It also highlights how diverse a fan’s imagination can be, as works can range from adorable, like Paper Paldea TimDrawsStuff, to terrifying, like the work of a single artist. 3D rendering of Pokemon Magnemite. Regardless of what the community accepts, there are still plenty of creative ways for fans to express their love for the franchise.

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