There are rumors that the new one Gaming console the portable device, internally named Project Q, will be released in November 2023. Sony introduced a bunch of games at the latest Gaming console events where both first-party and third-party studios make announcements about projects that people are looking forward to.

Sony also announced two new accessories for PS5 at this showcase in the form of a handheld device called Project Q and a PlayStation headset. Project Q has an 8-inch HD display and also offers unique DualSense wireless controller features. Fans should note that this device will allow them to play their PS5 games via online streaming as it does not run titles. Sony has confirmed that it will share more information about Project Q in the near future, but it seems that its tentative release date has been leaked.


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As reported by Tom Henderson, the new PlayStation portable computer is scheduled to be released around the middle or end of November 2023. First Insider Gaming new PlayStation handheld leaked in April 2023 with additional hardware information, stating that Project Q will render games at 1080p with a target frame rate of 60 FPS. Also, it was correctly revealed that the final design of Project Q looks like a DualSense controller with a screen attached, matching the design presented by Sony. While Tom Henderson has correctly leaked information in the past, fans should take all rumors with a grain of salt and wait for an official announcement.

A mid-to-late November PlayStation Project Q release date seems very likely, as that would put the device around Black Friday. It will be interesting to see the asking price of Project Q, and it may not be that expensive due to the lack of hardware capable of running games natively. Gamers looking to play PS5 games via Remote Play can also check out PS5 Backbone One controller for Android devicesit is priced at $99.99.

Project Q isn’t the only PlayStation hardware currently in the works, as Insider Gaming also reported that Sony plans to release a revised PS5 console with removable disk drive. The device is rumored to replace both PS5 models available in the market, and gamers interested in purchasing physical games will have the option of purchasing a removable drive. According to Tom Henderson, a PS5 Pro is also in the works, though fans probably won’t hear about it for a while.

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