PlayStation PC ports from Sony are in full swing as Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us, Uncharted and many more PS4 and PS5 titles are coming to platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store. It also sounds like Sony has a big plan for the future of these ports, but I wouldn’t put it off Bloodborne PC port like Fromstoftware software RPG game missed the boat

While I don’t hold out much hope of seeing consistently fast releases of PS5 games on PC like The Last of Us, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan talked about where PlayStation has had success with these ports and what we can expect in the future.

“We’ll be proactive,” Ryan said when asked if additional PlayStation games would be coming to PC. “We also fully understand the importance of PS5 exclusive games. As I mentioned before, the main responsibility of PlayStation Studios is to make sure that people enjoy the game with the latest version of PlayStation. We’re increasing the number of exclusive PS5 games and rocking the release of PC versions.

“I often have the opportunity to ask the opinion of fans of games, and when I ask them about the time lag, they say that selling the PC version two or three years after the release of the PS version is well received.”

To be honest, I would never expect the first PlayStation titles to hit PC on the same day as the PS4 or PS5, but hearing two or three years down the road gives us a rough idea of ​​what we can expect.

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Mind you, there are exceptions to this rule, like The Last of Us Part 1 coming to PC six months after the PS5, but that game could have taken longer, and it was still a remake of a decade-old game.

I suppose it’s also bad news for all of us Bloodborne PC users, as it’s only missed a two-to-three year window by, let’s face it, a measly five years. While it might be better late than never, the IP developed by FromSoftware and owned by Sony has never moved from the PS4, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up – at least we have Bloodborne Kart.

While Ryan’s timeframe is clearly not a hard and fast rule, it makes sense. If a new IP, anticipated sequel, or application license game is just coming out, Sony will want it to sell its own hardware first, so releasing that game on PC at the same time doesn’t make much sense.

The full interview is taken from Famitsuwith ResetEra using Google Translate, so some exact languages ​​may differ.

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