Gaming console just released new images of its accessibility-focused controller, along with an official name and UI info. While gaming has become a popular pastime among all demographics, not everyone can play using traditional controllers such as Branded DualSense for PlayStation 5. As such, developers and hardware manufacturers have taken incredible steps to ensure that more people can enjoy video games over the past few years in the form of special accessibility options in titles like God of War Ragnarok.


Back in January, Sony presented it the new PlayStation 5 Accessibility Controller, which received the code name “Project Leonardo”. Unlike DualSense, Project Leonardo is a “highly customizable controller kit” that will allow players with disabilities to adjust the joystick and button placement to make gaming easier. It’s also designed to be fully compatible with existing PS5 hardware and software, and there are even dedicated ports for connecting third-party accessories to ensure players have the most customization possible.

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Now, PlayStation has released new information about Project Leonardo, along with the first batch of official images. According to, Project Leonardo is now officially named Access Controller, and it will include a wide variety Gaming console analog stick and button caps for a wide range of gamers. These include soft button caps, flat button caps, wide flat button caps that cover two button slots, raised button caps for players with smaller hands, and curved button caps that can be pushed or pulled. The access controller itself can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on an AMPS mount or tripod.

A promotional image of the PlayStation 5 Access Controller next to DualSense.

PlayStation also released new information about the Access Controller UI, which will allow players to create personalized UI settings for different gameplay genres. Players can set their own the desired position of the PlayStation joystick, map different inputs to specific buttons, enable or disable specific buttons, and even map two different input commands to the same key. In addition, up to two Access Controllers and one DualSense can be combined into one virtual controller, users can change the sensitivity of the inputs and even configure the buttons as if they were held down with one press by enabling toggle mode. .

Gaming console approached a variety of organizations for feedback while developing its access controller, and the end result underscores its commitment to ensuring that everyone can use many different titles that the PS5 offers. After all, gaming is a hobby that can bring people of all walks of life together through imaginative worlds and immersive gameplay, and the more people who can enjoy video games, the better it is for the industry and the community as a whole.

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