Today, the Japanese site Weekly Famitsu published an interview with the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, which touched on a variety of topics.

IN interviewRyan claims that the reason gamers choose the PS5 is the quality of its games.

“We believe that people choose PS5 because of great and engaging games. This applies not only to Japan, but also to other regions.”

Speaking of the Japanese market, Ryan mentions that it continues to be one of the most important for PlayStation. Not only because it is the second largest in the world, because the fact that it is the birthplace of the brand is more important than simple statistics. SIE has a large number of employees in Japan, and their work is one of the factors that make PlayStation’s success possible. According to Ryan, Japan is part of PlayStation culture, so it’s very special and relevant.

In addition, there are many experienced fans and game creators in the country. Some titles may not be very successful in Japan, but it’s still important to reach out to the Japanese community. Each market has its own characteristics, so it’s normal that there are regions where certain games are successful, but the same game may not be a hit elsewhere. According to Ryan, the peculiarities of each region are some of the elements that make the gaming business exciting.

The executive also noted that the PC market is indispensable to allowing more people to enjoy PlayStation games, and the more hardware options Sony has, the better. In this regard, the company will actively continue the release of games on PC.

That being said, he also understands the importance of PS5 exclusives, and the main focus at PlayStation Studios is to ensure that gamers enjoy the gaming experience on PlayStation consoles, so they’re trying to increase the number of PS5 exclusives while at the same time stunning the PC timeline. releases Ryan claims that Sony often has the opportunity to ask gamers for their opinion, and when asked about the timing of PC releases, many respond positively that they will arrive 2-3 years after the PS5.

Just yesterday, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki noted that the company aims to increase the number of active PC users as well as the PS5.

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