Action thriller starring Gerard Butler, Mike Colter and Tony Goldwyn.

Gerard Butler‘s latest action film, Airplane Lionsgate is gearing up to land in your homes with announced 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray combo packs and Digital DVD formats. Starting March 28, fans of the high-octane thriller will be able to purchase the 4K UHD Combo Pack, which comes with additional Blu-ray and Digital, or two combo packs, including the DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack. Digital. Fans can purchase the film both as a standalone DVD and on demand.

Butler directs Airplane As the pilot of the titular vehicle, Brody Torrance, he begins what he thinks will be a normal day at work until the first sign of potential trouble arrives in the form of criminal Louis Gaspar.Mike Colter) will find out before the flight that he will be traveling with other passengers on a commercial flight. Gaspare is being escorted by an FBI agent as he faces extradition to Canada on his charges. Chaos ensues in the air when the plane encounters weather problems that force Torrance to land on a remote island in the Philippines. More trouble awaits Torrance and his passengers when they realize they have landed in hostile territory controlled by radical militias. When mercenaries kidnap some of the passengers, Torrance and Gaspare become the unlikely team on a rescue mission.


new Airplane The combo packs announced by Lionsgate include some bonus features, including This Is Your Captain, Flight Suits and Brace for Turbulence, which takes viewers on the set of this classic action movie. Airplane It was the first major action film to hit theaters on January 13 this year, and it received a warm welcome from audiences and critics alike. The film topped $10 million projections for its MLK weekend opening, which also hailed the arrival of the cult classic remake. House party. As opposed to bigger pictures Avatar: The Waterway, Airplane finishing an impressive fifth over the four-day weekend.

Mike Colter is on a plane in handcuffs
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Charles Cummings and JP Davis developed a script for Airplane From Cumming’s story. Jean-Francois Richet In addition to Boulter and Coulter, directed the film Yoson An (Mulan), Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Dominion), Paul Ben-Victor (Irish) and Tony Goldwyn (The Last Samurai).

A Airplane Continuation Ship Currently Working

Airplane is soaring to greater heights with a sequel already in development. Titled Sequel Ship Colter’s character will focus on Louis Gaspar, but it is not yet known if Butler will return in the sequel. Production for the next film is slated to begin later this year, but not much has been revealed about plot details. Collider looks forward to hearing more information as it continues, and as always, you can count on us for timely reports.

Airplane Coming to 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand on March 28th. Check out the trailer Airplane below: