Cinema Light year It released in theaters last year to mixed reviews. Some said it was fantastic, some said it was boring, some said it was too progressive for a Disney movie, some were angry that Tim Allen didn’t voice the main character, and I’m sure there were many more complaints. It led to record box office numbers, but one Pixar executive believes it was because audiences were confused.

During the movie Light year was inside Toy story universe, it was neither a prequel nor a sequel to the fan-favorite franchise, but it was a fan favorite. Toy story hero Andy. This was the movie in which the Buzz Lightyear toy appeared. This was clearly explained in the opening of the film, but it was still too complex for some to wrap their head around.

in a recent interview with TheWrapPixar head Pete Docter explained why the film didn’t connect with some audiences, saying:

“We did a lot of research on this because we all love the movie. We love the characters and the premise. I think we asked too much about what went wrong. We’re done. The audience. When they hear Buzz, they’re like, cool, where’s Mr. Potato Head, Woody and Rex? And then we put them in a sci-fi movie, and they’re like, ‘What?’

He continued:

“Even though they had read the material in the press, it was a little far from the concept, I think, the way the characters were drawn, the way they were portrayed. It was more science fiction. And Angus (McLaine, director), in his opinion ra took it very seriously and sincerely and wanted to show those characters as real characters. But the characters in Toy Story are much broader and so I think there was a disconnect between what people wanted/expected and what we were giving them.”

I took my family to see the movie during a special preview and we all thought it was a blast! It was action-packed and a very real-feeling sci-fi story with very high stakes and characters who were relatable, funny and easy to love and relate to. It was a blast and I want people to enjoy it.

What did you think? Light year?