Eagle-eyed fans are always finding new Easter eggs and hidden gems in our favorite movies. One recent observation comes from a Pixar fan Reddit posted what he caught while watching the movie Up.

The opening sequence of the film draws the audience in and tells us the story of Carl and Ellie from the day they met as children, through their love stories and lives, until Ellie’s death. the story begins. The first few minutes of the film are so touching that some consider them to be at least the sweetest love story ever told at Pixar.

But there is a strange easter egg caught by the audience where they notice two characters who appear to be the same person. Redditor u/wietpeukjes explained:

“Just rewatched. Is the priest who married Ellie and Carl also the doctor who delivers the news that Ellie can’t have children?”

They posted side-by-side photos below: